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“I’m just here as an example of everything not to do”


Queer people often go through a different pace of life than their heterosexual peers when it comes to things like having a first kiss, dating for the first time and things of that nature because they haven’t come out yet. Daniel thinks it’s part of the “gay experience” and adds, “I feel 100% deprived of a normal life that I haven’t been able to have,” says Daniel, who came out to the age of 29. “I tell my straight friends about it and they’re like, ‘There’s literally nothing to be jealous about because it’s just bullshit, sleeping with people you hate, grinding your teeth every night, thinking terrible decisions you made, accidentally having kids, getting married, ruining your own life” and I’m like, “But maybe I wanted the direct experience, no one asked me”.

Although things aren’t always easy, Daniel says he’s had a “complete turn where I feel like I have to go through a lot in a very short time”. In fact, he’s using the tour to catch up on “the hot boy summer that never happened” due to the COVID-19 pandemic that has sent the world into lockdown. “It’s my hot boy fall right now and I’m really enjoying, for the first time in my life, being free and out and in the world, being able to talk about things, being honest, being able to go out and have fun.” He even had the opportunity to spend some time away from the “dystopian nightmare” that is the internet and “touch some grass for once in my life”. With his tour underway, Daniel embraces the sense of community that comes with it. “And there’s something very beautiful about not just posting something on Twitter and thinking you’re funny, but being in a room full of people laughing and smiling and feeling like you have a real human connection, definitely,” he adds. . “It’s quite deep and it makes me realize that sometimes there is a beautiful side to human interaction.”

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