Example poetry

Indigenous influence on contemporary Canadian poetry


Coyote goes to Toronto

Coyote went to Toronto

become famous.

It’s true

That’s what she said.

She went up and down these

FAMOUS streets.

And she stood on these

FAMOUS corners.

Waiting for.

But nothing happened.


Coyote got hungry and left

In a restaurant

to eat.

But there was a long line

and Coyote could see that it was

because the restaurant was

painted a BEAUTIFUL green.


Coyote painted himself GREEN

and she returned to the ground

show people what a

UPDATED Coyote that she was.

And she was standing on the ground

And waited.

While RAIN has arrived.

While WIND has arrived.

While HAIL has arrived.

So that SNOW came.

And this paint started to peel off

and soon people

came and said,

HEY, it’s Coyote, by golly

she doesn’t look too good.

And the women brought him FOOD.

And the men brushed his COAT

until it is shiny.

And the children played with it

their friend.

I went to Toronto Coyote tells

the people.

Yes everyone says

We can see that.

-Thomas king

This is an example of contemporary Canadian poetry of a very special kind. It is a type still strongly influenced by ancient oral literature but rendered in a post-modernist style in terms of verse form while being fortified by an old narrative and a consciousness borrowed from folk tale and myth.

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