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He was a top scorer in the eloquence category for a teen essay contest for Americans, Israelis and Palestinians who was sponsored by Heart of a Nation. The editorial prompt was “What do you most want to improve in your own company and how?” The rating was made by the organization; the Monitor has supported this cross-cultural program by agreeing to publish the best essays. Opinions are those of the writer, who lives in Sakhnin, Israel.

As soon as I looked at the requirements for this essay, these things crossed my mind. With great remorse, I have wandered thinking of a way out of dilemmas that defy time, that are timeless, and that refuse limits. I have climbed the ladder of heaven, declaring disobedience to earthly abode. In my turn, with my childish naivety, I found that the answer was none other than such an initiative and the body of this text.

As I consciously stood in line to censor my thoughts, I find that the most horrible thing our society does today is to cap childhood dreams and shape our thoughts, beliefs and future so that they correspond to those of our ancestors – with the aim of seeking stability between the endless hurricanes that constantly strike our world.

Eyes open, we take in our troubling present. On the other side of our sick realities, our lazy dreams perish. We tend to stagnate, seeking the comfort of death. We are forever haunted by the ghosts of our myths. Where is the exit ?

First, we must have absolute confidence in ourselves. Let us draw our faith from the land of faith, the source of the prophets. Second, we must let go of panic and apprehension and adopt passionate perseverance. We never see any apparent pride, and its inhabitants are lamentable.

The solution to our civilizational, cultural and moral crisis is to carry our burdens side by side and support each other until we achieve our goals in life. And here begins the role of each of us, whether as a teacher, artist, singer or writer, to take the smallest initiative: to write poetry that brings hope, to sing motivational songs or to sculpt a statue representing victory after a battle.

Finally, we must start from ourselves to be the living example that motivates all groups and rising generations to fulfill themselves. With the difference in our dreams, we can bring heaven to earth. The beauty of the world lies in its diversity and the colors of the spectrum with their splendor, complete only in the contribution of all. Some of us dream of building a university, a hospital or the highest dome, and some of us dream of making medicine for incurable diseases; others yearn to solve the climate crisis and mobilize a crowd to clean up the ocean floor, and others who yearn to care uncover the secrets of the universe.

Believing in the ability to master destiny and destiny, we declare a blockade on ideas that have died out and set ourselves a lofty goal unsullied by the dust of waiting – until dawn comes of the day.

Our goal is the ladder of success, and its degrees are revolutionary thinking. We build our thoughts from our ribs to climb the ladder of heaven one at a time and build the glory of our earth – forever and ever.

Dona is a Palestinian from Galil. She aspires to end her country’s political struggle through social initiatives and by educating and empowering the younger generations.

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