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Instagram finally forced Kanye to log out

Another day, another Kanye West story. The rapper turned online troll has been making headlines for the past few months as he can’t help but overreact to his ex-wife’s new relationship with Pete Davidson. Maybe we’ll all hear less about it now, as Ye was finally banned from Instagram for violating its policies — specifically for throwing hate speech at Trevor Noah.

During a recent episode of the Daily show, Noah made an important point. The host explained how the ridiculous saga of Kim, Pete and Ye is an example of a tabloid story that has grown into something bigger, because we all watch a man harass his ex-wife and make violent threats against his current partner on a public stage. And if Kim Kardashian can’t get her ex to stop harassing her, what kind of message does that send? This speaks to the insidious nature of domestic violence and how we fail to protect women in these situations. Noah even talked about how his mother was questioned and burned when she tried to get out of her abusive relationship, and was ultimately shot in the head by her stepfather.

You couldn’t take Noah’s serious public service announcement for what it was, and in turn, he did what he did when criticized by anyone over the past few weeks: he went wild on the internet for revenge. Right after he said he was going to ‘blew’ comedian DL Hughley and made a myriad of threats to Pete Davidson, Ye posted a photo of Trevor’s wikipedia page to his Instagram with a caption calling it insulting race, “k**n”, a pejorative term used to describe black people who work against black causes. Fortunately, that was the last straw and he has since been banned from the platform for 24 hours, his content also having been removed.

Variety reported that a spokesperson for Meta confirmed that “the platform has removed content posted by West for violating its policies on hate speech, bullying and harassment. As a result, West was restricted from posting, commenting, and DMing for a 24-hour period. Meta’s policy is to restrict accounts that have repeatedly violated these rules and the platform will take additional action if further violations occur. Ye’s team has yet to publicly respond to the ban. But that’s perhaps the best outcome here – for Kanye West please, for the love of the god he believes in, stop talking. And post too.

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