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Jemele Hill says Drake and Kanye West Ending Feud are “great examples to other young rappers”

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Kanye West and Drake end their multi-year feud – and it’s music to Jemele Hill’s ears.

the Jemele Hill is not disturbed host, 45, weighed in on the rappers’ recent reconciliation in a conversation with PEOPLE every day‘s Janine Rubenstein, and explained that she believes the two set a good example in a hip-hop culture that often glorifies violence.

“We have seen in hip-hop, unfortunately, oxen that have really escalated, and to the point where it is costing people their lives,” she says. “Seeing Drake and Kanye solve their problems, even Drake and Meek Mill when they solve their problems, I think that’s a great example for other young rappers to follow.”

Hill says that while she understands that hip-hop is by nature a “very macho” field where “a lot of people talk loudly and that’s part of the meaning of selling,” it’s important to clarify that the tracks from diss “should never be mistaken for the streets.”

“Considering the size of Drake and Kanye, I didn’t necessarily anticipate this, but at the same time you have to watch the way you talk and what you say to people,” she says. “For Drake to be on records like ‘Yo, pull up …’ No, we don’t need all of that. From that point of view, I’m really happy to see these two come together and make music. “

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Although Drake, 35, and West, 44, started out as friends, their relationship seemed to worsen in 2018 after West produced a Pusha T song that revealed Drake had a son before the rapper returned him. – even the public news.

West apologized to Drake on Twitter later that year, saying he “should have told” Pusha about Drake’s criticism of “Infrared,” but denied telling Pusha about Drake’s son, Adonis, now 4 years old.

Weeks later, however, West shifted gears in a series of since-deleted videos that responded to rumors that Drake had previously bonded with his then-wife Kim Kardashian West.

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In December 2018, West called Drake “more wrong than wrestling” in a series of tweets, and asked him to apologize for several diss lyrics he recorded that appeared to relate to West.

Despite the back-and-forths over the years, the two seem to have made amends and both are teaming up with Amazon to stream a free Larry Hoover concert Thursday night in Los Angeles.

The rappers announced the joint gig on November 20 shortly after settling their feud when West invited Drake to join him on stage “with the ultimate goal being to free Larry Hoover,” a former gang leader currently serving six terms of life imprisonment in a Colorado prison. .

Kanye West concert

Kanye West concert

Courtesy of Amazon

“I’m making this video to address the going back and forth between myself and Drake,” West said in a video shared on Twitter by J Prince. “Me and Drake got shot, and it’s time to put this to rest.” “

The two were then seen hanging out together in Toronto with J Prince.

Due to conflicting feelings about West’s politics (he publicly supported Donald Trump, whom Hill called a white supremacist), Hill says PEOPLE every day that she is firmly “Team Drake”.

“I’m just not here with Kanye. Like, I’m just not here. I haven’t listened to Kanye in I don’t know how long, it’s been a while. expose who he was – and by the way, he still hasn’t really backed down, ”she said. “I was like, ‘Of course there are different views and it’s just the world we live in, people are allowed to have different political views.’ But I don’t have to swing around with people who I feel like they have negative opinions and use their platform to say stupid things. And he does it all the time. “

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However, if the ESPN alum had to take her personal feelings for West out of the equation, she admits she’s a bit torn.

“If we’re talking about producer Kanye, that puts him in a different conversation, style wise, cultural imprint point of view,” she says. “But I just feel like Drake is constantly despised and underestimated… I’ve always appreciated his authenticity.”

Larry Hoover’s free concert will air live Thursday night from the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum on Amazon Music and Prime Video, starting at 11 p.m. ET.

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