January 11, 2022
  • January 11, 2022

John Harbaugh supports NFL taunt rule to set an example for kids watching

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John Harbaugh backs new taunt rule to set a good example that originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

Ravens coach John Harbaugh on Wednesday offered his support for the NFL’s new taunt penalty, at least in principle.

“Well, I haven’t personally watched any of the calls so far. I’m fine with the idea,” Harbaugh told reporters during the Ravens’ Week 3 availability.

Harbaugh is one of eight coaches on the NFL Coaching Subcommittee to recommend the league’s new rule, which has come under fire over the past week. In the first two weeks, 11 taunt flags were thrown – the same number of taunt penalties to call all last season.

And while Harbaugh didn’t see the new rule in action in Baltimore’s first two games, nor had time to look at what the new rule was called in the league, he does support why the coaches recommended him in the first place.

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“I mean, sportsmanship is very important. The way we treat each other is very important. I think the NFL is ahead in a lot of ways, we are very prominent. The kids are watching us everything. time, ”Harbaugh said.

“So the way we treat each other on the pitch is very important. It’s about respect. Mutual respect and the way that is interpreted from game to game, I think it is something that you have to overcome. It is essentially about respect and respect. the other and the sportsmanship. “

With Harbaugh, Chiefs Coach Andy Reid, Dolphins Coach Brian Flores, Bills Coach Sean McDermott, Rams Coach Sean McVay, 49ers Coach Kyle Shanahan, Brown Coach Kevin Stefanski and Vikings coach Mike Zimmer are the sub-committee coaches that recommended the rule. . The competition committee, which includes Colts coach Frank Reich, Titans coach Mike Vrabel, Steeler coach Mike Tomlin and Washington coach Ron Rivera, approved it last offseason.

While Harbaugh is determined to set a good example for the next generation of NFL players, Rivera explained his support for the new rule on Tuesday.

“The idea behind the taunt rule is to prevent more important things,” Rivera said. “The intention is that someone doesn’t do something that brings someone back with a bit of retaliation. You don’t want that. You don’t want someone to be there for revenge.”

Players can be fined up to $ 10,300 for their first taunt offense and $ 15,450 for the second offense. While some dispute how the new rule was applied in those first two weeks, Tomlin is among those who believe it’s only a matter of time before players and fans adjust to this new standard.

“We all recognized to one man that this was something that needed to be resolved,” Tomlin said. “That’s why that’s an important point. That’s why none of us are surprised at the number of calls in terms of increased. The players will adapt; they always do. They better do it. adapt quickly, especially when talking about mine. “

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