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Karene Reid is ready to lead by example and with her voice for the 2022 season

After one of the most impressive performances of spring camp and earning his slated starting linebacker spot for the Utes in 2022, sophomore Karene Reid is focused on becoming a more vocal leader as he takes on a leadership position so early in his career.

A year ago, Reid was still a fairly unknown name who just performed well in the spring game, and that was as much exposure as we got for him. Now, just over a year later, Reid is not only a projected starter, but has since earned a scholarship and is ready to take his game to the next level.

“Being a walk-on last year created a mindset that nobody thinks I’m as good as anybody else, and I have to prove it every day. My worst fear is to lose that so this freshman walk-on mentality I’m gonna carry it for the rest of my life Even though I’m in a different position I still have that chip on my shoulder because I try to remember every day where i’m from even now i have my depth chart posted on the wall since i got there i see my name on the bottom and i try to look at it every day to see where I’m from,” Reid explained.

While Reid may have taken more shots than anyone else currently in the room, he’s still incredibly young in his career and is set to take on a much bigger role. But despite the daunting task, Reid embraces his new responsibilities and focuses on becoming the most balanced leader possible.

“First of all, I never wanted to be someone who talks everything or just leads vocally. I’m already a laid back person and so first and foremost I want to lead by example. Because that’s my personality, some of them my goal is to be more vocal. I think if I can continue to earn respect from other linebackers and the defense, that should come pretty naturally,” Reid said.

“On the court, that’s where I’m most comfortable and in my element,” added Reid. “I’ll be the loudest, most vocal voice because that’s what we need. I talk more about the boardroom, weight room, and workouts, just trying to make sure that I bring that positive energy that we need as a team. That’s my goal.

So while some fans may be worried about who will replace Devin Lloyd and Nephi Sewell, they really shouldn’t be. Sure, Reid is young and there may still be a bit of a learning curve, but overall Reid is more than capable of filling the role. After what he showed last year and his performance in spring camp, Reid should be tied for leading linebackers with his game and his voice.

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