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King’s Academy sets a lasting example through partnership with Genera | New

VONORE, Tennessee., October 5, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Genera, a manufacturer of pulp and molded fibers from native and domestically produced agriculture, has extended its partnership with The King’s Academy, a clerkship and boarding school to Seymour, Tennessee, to help the school meet the needs of its students and staff while championing sustainability and the local agricultural economy.

“The King’s Academy has recognized the value of using compostable catering alternatives rather than traditional single-use plastics,” said Dr. Kelly tiller, CEO of Généra. “This commitment to further reduce single-use plastics and polystyrenes demonstrates that our products can also help other schools and multi-use facilities adopt sustainable and cost-effective dining options. “

Genera and The King’s Academy began working together during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, when the school needed disposable and single-use catering items to provide to students and faculty during major catering periods. Michael gunter, executive chef and director of food services at King’s Academy, oversaw the initial deployment of Genera products in the school after reading the solution in a regional agricultural publication.

Gunter said the school was concerned about the long-term effects of using non-biodegradable single-use products like polystyrene and other plastics, but it still had to balance the long-term effects against short term costs.

“We are a small private school in East Tennessee, and we have struggled with the costs of these single-use products, ”he said.“ Genera has made it possible to continue with a more environmentally friendly alternative, and we are supporting local farmers in the process. When you consider the long term damage that products like styrofoam do to the planet, unsustainable products are much more expensive in the long run. “

Genera’s Earthable® line of 100% plant-based and compostable bowls, plates and packaging met the school’s high performance and sustainability standards at a reasonable price.

While the school has reverted to using reusable products for major catering times, it continues to use Genera’s single-use compostable products for sporting events and dormitory applications.

For more information on The King’s Academy, visit https://www.thekingsacademy.net.

For more information on Genera and Earthable®, please visit https://generainc.com.

About the Academy of Kings

King’s Academy is a Christ-centered day school and boarding school reaching local, national and international students from all socio-economic backgrounds, educating and preparing them academically, emotionally, physically, socially and spiritually for the 21st century. For more information, visit https://www.thekingsacademy.net/.

About genres

Genera, a Tennessee-based agricultural fiber manufacturer, is working to simplify supply chains with agriculture-based pulp and molded fiber products made in the country. Partnering with local farmers, Genera provides a sustainable farm-to-finished product solution for a wide range of applications, including compostable tableware for catering, take-out containers, packaging, paper, tissues. and more. To learn more about Genera, please visit https://generainc.com.


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