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Lamb publishes a new book of poetry | New

JOHNSTOWN, Pa. — About five years ago, local native and author Jim Lamb attempted to write a book of poetry, but was unhappy with the results. So he put the project aside and moved on.

However, the thought never left his head, and soon after he started playing with poems again.

Today Lamb released his first collection, titled ‘Dark Fruit: and other poems’, in which he covers a variety of topics.

“The great thing about a poem is that you can pack a lot of information into just a few words,” the author said.

After putting the book on hold previously, he returned to reading other poets, such as Dylan Thomas and Seamus Heaney.

“You listen to guys who do it really well and you understand how they do it,” Lamb said.

With this new inspiration, he takes up his old poems and starts working on them again, transcribing personal stories and interesting events in his life.

When he wrote a few that worked, he studied them to find out why.

“It makes me work as a writer,” Lamb said.

The Florida resident’s authorship ranges from a book chronicling his time in the US Navy titled ‘Orange Socks & Other Colorful Tales’ to elaborate pearls of wisdom on writing in ‘Literary Gems,’ which are shared on the radio program. by Patzi Gil, PatZi Talks: Joy on Paper.

Lamb described Gil as one of his biggest inspirations and someone who pushes him to do better.

She is part of the reason he returned to poetry.

“I like the nature of it,” Gil said of his writing. “He has something for everyone.”

She uses Lamb as an example on her show and asks aspiring writers to read poetry in order to understand how to put pen to paper and produce something great.

Gil said Lamb says so much in so few words while telling a full story.

That’s what she loves about “Dark Fruit.”

“To be a good writer you have to be able to paint a picture, and he can paint a picture,” Gil said.

Lamb enjoys the process because writing poems allows her to have a creative outlet between freelance jobs.

“Poetry can really keep you on your toes if you’re willing to go through the pain and misery of writing something good,” he said.

“Dark Fruit” can be purchased at Amazon.

Joshua Byers is a reporter for The Tribune-Democrat. He can be reached at 814-532-5054. Follow him on Twitter @Journo_Josh.

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