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Lead by Example: Young Chinese Donates Blood 18 Times in Three Years and Donates Hair to Cancer Patients


A young man from southwest China has refused to cut his hair for three years, and it has nothing to do with style.

Tang Yazhu, 21, who lives in Chongqing Municipality, had not visited a hairdresser since 2019 until this month after reading an article online about how cancer patients often need hair donations, local media reported.

When it came time to cut the locks earlier this month, Tang told the barber he planned to donate them to “cancer patients who lost their hair after chemotherapy.”

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Donated hair had to be over 30cm long and could not be dyed or permed.

Tang, a senior from Chongqing Metropolitan College of Science and Technology, said he chose to grow his hair in school.

“Since it might be harder for me to find a job wearing long hair after I graduate, the chance for me to donate my hair may only come during my college years. So I decided to start growing my hair when I heard about the donations,” he said, as quoted by Chongqing’s official news portal, cqnews.net.

Apart from donating his hair, the young man has also donated blood or platelets 18 times in the past three years as part of his charity work.

He started donating blood shortly after reaching the required age of 18. He also volunteered at the city’s blood donation center.

Donors in China can donate blood every six months and platelets every two weeks.

Inspired by Tang’s action, some of his friends also started donating blood and participating in charity projects. However, for Tang himself, he downplayed charity work.

“We can find many small ways in life to positively impact society within our capacity,” he said.

The young man has been widely applauded for his kindness on the Chinese internet.

“This world never runs out of warmth because of people like him,” one Weibo user commented.

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