January 11, 2022
  • January 11, 2022

Lee Mokobe: How can we understand each other through poetry?

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Part 4 of TED Radio Time Episode The voice of the artist

How can art be a tool to better understand ourselves and the world around us? Poet Lee Mokobe shares what it was like to grow up trans in South Africa, and how language can be a tool for change.

About Lee Mokobe

Lee mokobe is a South Africa-based slam poet. Their writings address social justice issues and explore LGBTQ identities through the lens of a black transgender immigrant in America.

Mokobe is also the co-founder of the artistic education group for young people Voice revolutionaries, for which they received the first Adobe Creative Catalyst Award and the Awesome Foundation Grantee. The volunteer-run organization runs poetry and art workshops and motivational talks for young South Africans.

Mokobe has performed around the world, including at Barclay’s Center, LGBT Center, LA YouTube Space, and Vidcon. Their work was presented by The fader, Al jazeera, New York Public Library, Philly.com, Soulpancake media, OkayAfrica and Leeway Foundation.

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