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Letter: Tamara Wallace is a shining example of a devoted parent, a positive force for young people | South of Lake Tahoe

As an educator with LTUSD for over 22 years, I sincerely appreciate the shared partnership between teachers and parents in our schools. Tamara Wallace is a shining example of a parent who has made education a priority, which has shown through her commitment and dedication to our community schools. As a mother of 5, Tamara Wallace has been actively committed to supporting all aspects of her children’s lives, from education, to sports and the arts, to being directly involved in countless extracurricular activities to support not only her children but all the young people of South Lake Tahoe. .

Ms. Wallace has been a positive force for the young people in our community and an outstanding role model for her own children who, in turn, also make extraordinary contributions to our community.

Ms. Wallace has made significant contributions to our community, including: coaching girls in wrestling, being an outstanding team mom, mentoring countless field trips, volunteering whenever needed, and serving on behalf of fundraising efforts to support athletics and the arts. Without reservation, she has shown her support in countless ways for various community projects and programs while being a stable and successful leader.

I hope you will give Tamara Wallace full consideration for County Supervisor as she has already proven her outstanding qualifications in all aspects of excellence, commitment to service and leadership.

Ms. Heather Hart, MSEd.
Content Area Specialist, LTUSD

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