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Lupe Fiasco channels Drake with “Diet Soda Poetry”

You know Lupe Fiasco is sitting on a solid album because he has yet to release his recently recorded ten track project. In fact, Lupe previously compared his untitled work to that of Nas. Illmatic, a promising sign of what is to come. For now, Lu has chosen to satisfy his fans with another freestyle, this time taking inspiration from the recent Boy in love certified album.

“I just left album mode with me and my nigga Trakk / and Drake dropped that shit, made me think of going back,” he spits, of Masego’s bouncing sample / Beatles. He also makes sure to highlight the work of Kanye West, who was previously one of Lupe’s trusted collaborators. “I listened Donna, I also listened to Kanye’s mom in real life, “Lupe raps.” It means I’m real twice.

Check out “Diet Soda Poetry” now and ring if you’re excited for Lupe’s upcoming album, which has yet to receive a scheduled release date.

Words to quote

Watch out for my behavior
I park the cars for the valets, set the table for the waiters
Totally self-sufficient with a whole load of favors
Blue note table watching jazz on a xylophone
Forty dogs need a string of a microphone
Chill like enthusiasm,
this and that 99 ‘towards the studio with the new one in my backpack on the bus to flow

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