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“Max Verstappen’s attitude is an example for many cyclists,” says Niki Terpstra

Niki Terpstra said that “Max Verstappen’s attitude sets an example for many riders” – although hopefully he doesn’t suggest that you test your friends’ brakes on your Sunday outing.

Terpstra is a huge fan of Red Bull’s Verstappen, both are Dutch after all. Terpstra will apparently be glued to television for the final race of the 2021 season in Abu Dhabi where Verstappen will face British Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton with both drivers on exactly the same points.

Terpstra (TotalEnergies) also often takes part in the BMW Cups.

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In an interview with Wielerflits Terpstra said: “I can say I follow it intensely. I really watch every Grand Prix. During the season it often doesn’t come out, because I’m racing.”

Verstappen was fined ten seconds after the weekend’s Saudi Arabian Grand Prix following confirmed illegal braking, prompting competitor Lewis Hamilton to contact his Red Bull car. However, it was not quite the fighting spirit that Terpstra advocates.

When asked what cyclists could learn from Verstappen, Terpstra said: “You always have to go. You see in Max he tries to get the most out of every lap. I really admire him. never let go of that attitude. He can be an example for cyclists to get the most out of everything. Seeing opportunities every moment and fully committing to them. It’s a good attitude if you want to be successful. “

But the Dutch driver still has respect for Hamilton, who holds the joint record for most World Drivers’ Championships with Michael Schumacher on seven.

“I have a lot of respect for Hamilton. Getting to the top is tough, but staying on top is a lot harder. Hamilton has already won so much and lived so much.

“You see in the last few races that Hamilton is not giving up easily. He still had a nice gap, but managed to fill it completely before the last GP next Sunday in Abu Dhabi. He is super motivated to win the championship again. I really respect that. “

Terpstra’s 2021 season results weren’t as illustrious as those of his former Quick-Step days, but he managed to secure a contract extension before another superstar, Peter Sagan, arrived in the team.

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