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Mecosta County Optimists Trial Winner Channels Positivity

EVART — Optimism can be a beneficial tool for getting through tough times, and an Evart graduate highlighted her journey in an essay for Mecosta County Optimists who saw her as the ultimate contest winner.

Abby Trowbridge, a 2022 graduate of Evart High School, chose to channel her own mental health experiences for her essay.

The essay prompt asked participants to answer the question, “How does an optimistic mindset change my future?” »

Trowbridge said she focused on how an optimistic mindset could improve her mental health.

“I’ve struggled with depression and anxiety for four or five years now,” Trowbridge said. “It was mostly about the idea of ​​’if I can hope I can get better, I can get better. “”

Trowbridge pointed to the fact that despite living quite a comfortable life, mental health issues had affected her anyway.

The fact that mental health could impact anyone was something Trowbridge hadn’t fully understood before his experience.

“I was depressed for no apparent reason,” Trowbridge said. “Now I know it’s more of a chemical imbalance, but my life is pretty good and I really had no reason to be depressed, and that kind of depression fueled the depression. I think optimism can help lighten the darkness a little.

She said being open about her struggles in her essay helped her recognize how far she’s come.

“A lot of kids my age have depression and anxiety, and I think we should be more open,” Trowbridge said. “You may feel very alone, but sharing can help. I certainly encourage others to ask for help.

“I was ashamed of it for so long before I went to see my parents with it,” she continued. “Ask others for help, in most cases people are really understanding and really accepting, at least in my experience.”

Trowbridge said she would encourage students to apply for essay contests like the Mecosta County Optimists because they allow you to reflect on your life.

Going forward, she aims to be a resource for others who may be facing similar challenges.

“I hope to continue to spread optimism in a way that I like to just be a positive person,” Trowbridge said. “I want to be an example of having gone through depression and anxiety. I may never get over it, but I can definitely handle it and help others try to do the same.

Trowbridge plans to attend Ferris State University in the fall and plans to study to become an educational counselor.

Mecosta County Optimists welcome guests and new members to its bi-monthly meetings. Meetings are held at 5:00 p.m. on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month at the Alpine Haus in Canadian Lakes.

For more information about the Mecosta County Optimists Chapter and future contests, visit the organization’s Facebook page at https://tinyurl.com/MecostaCountyOptimistsClub.

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