January 11, 2022
  • January 11, 2022

Natrona County Arrest Log (12/29/21)

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This log may not reflect all arrests for this period. For example, the police will not release any information about the arrests of minors. State law prohibits any official from identifying a person accused of a sex crime until the accused is brought to justice in a district court.

Anyone listed here is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

The charges listed here are those the arresting agency recommended to the Natrona County District Attorney’s Office. However, the formal charges filed by prosecutors may differ from the recommended charges listed here.

Here is the list of those arrested and their charges as reflected in the newspapers:

Eric Bain – Non-compliance

Elizabeth Blount – Escape: felony conviction, supervised release and parole

Marcel Brown – Failure to Comply

Jesse Canady – Courtesy another agency

Bonnie Corkle – Possess a controlled substance – Powder or crystal –

Brennan Cornblatt – Criminal Warrant

Charles Denney – Detention for probation and parole

William Dinges – serving a prison sentence

Gerldine England – Possess a controlled substance – Powder or crystal -, Do not appear

Joshua Erick – Maintain Contract / Billing

Sherry Finch – Public Intoxication Prohibited

Jackie Flores – District Court Hearing Warrant x2, County Arrest Warrant / Agency Hold, DUS Driving While License Suspended / Revoked

Timothy Gaffield – Theft – $ 1,000 or more, possession of a controlled substance – Powder or crystal –

Cory Hudson – Criminal warrant, supervised and parole, theft – $ 1,000 or more, reckless endangerment, flight or attempted escape from the police

Matt Kimball – Hold for WSP

Brandon Lewis – Possessing a Controlled Substance – Powder or Crystal -, inmate on probation and parole

Michal Lindberg – Contempt Court

Guy Lucero – Public poisoning prohibited

Nicole MacKenzie – Failure to Appear, District Court Arrest Warrant, Manufacture or Delivery of Methamphetamine or Controlled Narcotics Substance, Possession of Controlled Substance – Plant – 3 ounces or less

Brian Mason – NCIC Hit

Weston Mason – DUI: alcohol at 0.08% or more, aggravated assault and battery and personal injury: threat of coin toss

Marshall Mayhan – DWUI (1st offense or 2nd offense inside, liquor law – minors in possession / public I, valid driver’s license and RE endorsements, open container-own / consume while in use

Steven Mierow – DUI: alcohol at 0.08% or more, driving with a canceled, suspended or compulsory license, automobile insurance compulsory – 1st offense, possession of a controlled substance – plant – 3 ounces or less, stop sign

James Pacheco – Possessing a controlled substance – Powder or crystal –

Marti Parmenter – Possess a controlled substance – Powder or crystal –

Skyler Quiver – Contract Maintenance / Invoicing

Erick Richardson – Criminal Warrant, Supervision and Parole

Kenneth Richards – Probation and Parole Custody

Ray Robinson – Owning a Controlled Substance – Schedule I, II or III, Possessing a Controlled Substance – Liquid – 3/10 gram, Manufacturer or pound of methamphetamine or a drug controlled substance, wearing or wearing a mask illegally

Xavier Sanchez – County Mandate / Agency Detention

Travis Schaub – District Court Warrant

Donald Smith – Public poisoning prohibited

Brittany Steiner – Failure to Present, Manufacture or Deliver Methamphetamine or a Drug Controlled Substance

Daniel Teel – Do Not Appear x2, Do Not Comply, Resist Arrest-Interfere with / Hinder / F

Kazell Wallace – Possess a Controlled Substance – Powder or Crystal –

Glenn Weir – serving a prison sentence

Russ Welch – Maintenance of contract / invoicing

Joshua White – Hold for CAC, Hold for WSP

Heidi Wickersham – Perjury, forgery / forgery, police interference, identity theft

Kristofer Wright – Maintenance of contract / invoicing

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