November 2, 2021
  • November 2, 2021

Natrona County Arrest Log (6/30/21 – 7/7/21)

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Below is a list of people who were recently arrested and held in the Natrona County Detention Center.

This log may not reflect all arrests for this period. For example, the police will not disclose any information about the arrests of minors. State law prohibits any official from identifying a person accused of a sex crime until the accused is brought to justice in a district court.

Anyone listed here is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

The charges listed here are those the arresting agency recommended to the Natrona County District Attorney’s Office. However, the formal charges filed by prosecutors may differ from the recommended charges listed here.

Here is the list of those arrested and their charges as reflected in the newspapers:

Austen Bagner – Failure to Comply

Joel Barr – Fail to Appear, County Warrant / Waiting for Agency

Melissa Bearden – County Warrant / Agency Detention

Zachary Borden – Failure to Comply, Interference with / PO, Criminal Warrant

Travis Bougie – Maintenance of contract / invoicing

Jeryell Brigance – serving a prison sentence

Jason Collins – Failure to Comply x2

Candice Cordova-Ponce – Criminal Warrant

Destiny Davis – Do Not Comply

Phillip Diekemper – Failure to Comply, District Court Arrest Warrant, Criminal Warrant, Bail Revocation

Justo Diaz – Failure to Comply

Duane Evenson – Public Intoxication Prohibited

Ronald Fox – DUI: alcohol 0.08% or higher, single lane driving vehicle

Jeremiah Glasspoole – DUI: alcohol 0.08% or more, driving without locking device 1st offense, driving with canceled, suspended or license

Tyler Gomez – Possess a controlled substance – Powder or crystal -, Do not appear x2

Ronald Hanson – Theft – $ 1,000 or more, Possess a Controlled Substance – Liquid – 3/10 Gram

Marcus Harley – District Court Hearing Warrant

Erick Hernandez – serving a prison sentence

Kaleb Howard – County Warrant / Agency Detention

Jesse Jackson – Serving the Prison

Willie Jones – Home battery – 1st offense, criminal harassment: misdemeanor

Randall Keeling – DUI: alcohol 0.08% or more, cornering at intersections: RT corners, compulsory car insurance – 1st offense

Mercedes Kothe – Do not appear

Aaron Lavering – Hold for WSP

Zephania Martinez – District Court Warrant, Failure to Appear, Criminal Warrant, Failure to Comply

Lorraine Madison – Intrusion

Jaelin Miller – Interference with a peace officer, non-compliance

Gade Oldaker – Probation and Parole Custody

Ian Petkosh – Mandate of the Criminal Judiciary

Bradley Ries – Failure to Comply

Travis Robertson – serving time in jail

Carlos Salazar – Failure to appear, supervised release and parole

Patrick Schutz – serving a prison sentence

Donald Smith – Public poisoning prohibited

Draven Stanton Gamotis – DUI / Serious Bodily Injury – 1st offense

Bruce Sterling – DWUI (1st offense or 2nd offense inside

Tylor Stewart – Non-compliance

Kolby Stockman – Burglary; vehicle x2

Dennis Tyrrell – DUI Alcohol = to> .08% – 4th + Infraction W / IN 1, Driving while license is canceled, suspended or Driving without locking device 1st infraction

Jennifer Wagner – Probation and Parole Detention

Glenn Weir – DUI: alcohol at 0.08% or more, driving with canceled license, suspended or interference with a peace officer

Naveda Whiting-Piapot – District Court Mandate

Emmarine Woody – Possess a controlled substance – Powder or crystal -, Take contraband into a prison

Daniel Wylie – Mandate of the Criminal Judiciary, Mandate of the District Court Judiciary

Brockley Yohn – Public Poisoning Prohibited, Open Container-Possess / Consume in Vehicle

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