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NatWest and RBS crash – leaving customers unable to log into online accounts

NatWest and RBS apps crashed for some customers this morning, with nearly 2,000 people complaining they couldn’t log into their account at the height of the technical glitch

NatWest and RBS are part of the NatWest group

The NatWest and RBS online banking apps went down for thousands of customers this morning, leaving some people unable to access their accounts.

The technical issues began around 8:20 a.m. with nearly 2,000 people struggling to log in, according to outage tracker DownDetector.

NatWest and RBS customers were greeted with a message on both apps that read, “We’re sorry, some kind of error occurred while trying to establish a connection between your device and us- same.

“Please close the application and try again.”

Customers had also complained to the two banks on social media that millions of workers could not access their money after being paid.

DownDetector shows huge increase in NatWest complaints

A NatWest user asked, “Anyone else having a problem with the NatWest online application, looks like it failed this morning?”

Another tweeted: “Anyone else having trouble accessing the NatWest app?”

An RBS customer said, “Your app is down and I can’t get in at all and I have to pay rent, and your account completely logged me out and I can’t remember my passwords.”

Another said: “Your banking app is not working!”

In response to a customer, NatWest said on Twitter: “This is a recent incident that just happened.

“Rest assured that we will resolve the issue as soon as possible, so please try again in a few moments or use telephone banking in case of emergency.”

NatWest and RBS users are greeted with this app post

A NatWest customer told the Mirror: “I have been a NatWest bank customer for many years and use the NatWest mobile banking app almost every day.

“I tried to log in to my account using my phone just a few minutes ago and received a message saying: We’re sorry, some kind of error occurred during attempting to establish a connection between your device and us.”

DownDectector recorded more than 1,700 complaints from NatWest customers shortly after 9 a.m., as well as more than 200 complaints from RBS users.

The outage tracker said 73% of issues reported by NatWest customers related to mobile banking, while another 25% related to online banking.

About 83% of RBS user complaints were about mobile banking, while 16% were about online banking.

Both NatWest and RBS belong to the NatWest group. A NatWest spokesperson told the Mirror the issue was resolved around 11.30am.

NatWest and RBS customers weren’t the only ones grappling with a banking crash this week.

Customers across the country were locked out of their accounts yesterday, leaving some customers unable to pay their bills on payday.

Are you entitled to reimbursement for bank glitches?

If your banking services have gone down, you are not automatically entitled to compensation – rather it depends on the severity of the breakdown that affected you.

For example, if it caused you to miss a bill or some kind of payment.

It also depends on how long the service interruption lasted and how quickly the bank worked to resolve it.

Both NatWest and RBS have dedicated pages online to help you file a complaint.

If you plan to file a complaint, you need to gather evidence about how the service issues affected you and for how long.

If you are desperate to access your money but your online services are down, you can visit your local bank branch to withdraw your funds as usual.

If you don’t have a local bank branch nearby or can’t get to one, try calling your bank or contacting them on social media to ask what to do.

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