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NS&I customers locked in savings for WEEKS due to connection issues

CUSTOMERS of state-owned bank NS&I have angrily reported being locked out of their accounts for several weeks.

The introduction of a new two-factor security system for logins has sparked outrage among customers, with reports of blockages to their savings persisting for around five weeks.

The bank’s customers flooded the customer reviews website Trustpilot with hundreds of comments to express their rage.

An Aug. 9 review titled “Heads Must Roll at NS&I” said, “Their online system was working great until they introduced two-factor authentication. It just doesn’t work, as all the other reviews attest…

“Absolutely infuriating, a total embarrassment and a remarkable example of the mediocrity into which this organization and our country have fallen.”

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A more recent review from September 9 said, “Clients cannot access THEIR money. Please no more excuses or lies, just fix this mess. It’s up to NS&I and NOT your customers to sort it out. It’s YOUR fault so sort it out. Period of national mourning or not just taking charge. It’s also clear that by not responding to these reviews, you are totally disregarding your customers. Start showing some respect.

Trustpilot has become a focal point of customer rage with 87% of NS&I reviews in 2028 having the lowest possible rating.

Over the past few weeks, new notices of customers unable to access their savings have been occurring almost daily.

One of the most commonly reported issues is that customers are notified that they have reached their “trusted device limit”, which means that the number of devices they can use to access their account has been reached.

But several users said that this message appeared whether or not they are using a device they have always used to access their NS&I profile.

And before the trusted device issue was reported, news of issues with a newly implemented two-factor login system surfaced in August – with customer service agents advising customers at the time that the situation would be resolved.

However, problems with the system were still being reported weeks later.

The company has advised customers to ensure that they do not browse in private mode or “incognito mode” as this could be the source of the problem for some.

They also encouraged affected customers to visit their FAQ page or use the web chat tool on their website for advice from their team.

Despite this, several customers have expressed their intention to abandon the company.

A spokesperson for NS&I said, “Customer security is extremely important to us, which is why we’ve added an extra layer of authentication to our security process, which will make our customers’ accounts even more secure. .

“The vast majority of people have successfully completed the process. For anyone who needs further assistance, our customer team are available on 08085 007 007 from 7am to 10pm daily.”

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