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6 tips for writing a psychology essay

Essay writing involves expressing the author’s opinion. When the teacher comes up with a list of particular ideas, themes, or books on which to base writing, the process is easier. The first thing we start with is to assess capabilities. For some reason, the majority have difficulty choosing the topic when it is not fixed. […]

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Indigenous influence on contemporary Canadian poetry

Coyote goes to Toronto Coyote went to Toronto become famous. It’s true That’s what she said. She went up and down these FAMOUS streets. And she stood on these FAMOUS corners. Waiting for. But nothing happened. so. Coyote got hungry and left In a restaurant to eat. But there was a long line and Coyote […]

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Sign up, login and login

Salvation! This week on Ask a Teacher, we’re answering a question from Mali. Question: What are the differences between ” register ”, ” log in ” and ” log in? ” Thank you. Kouamé, Mali. Responnse: Dear Kouamé, Thank you for writing to us with your question. These words and phrases are all common when […]

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Class I glass ionomer restorative resurfacing: an illustrated trial

Glass polyalkenoate systems (glass ionomer cements) have remarkable characteristics that make them valuable dental restoration-repair materials. They are hydrophilic, biocompatible, tooth-colored, and contain and release fluoride ions. Additionally, they form chemical chelating bonds with tooth structure, have a coefficient of thermal expansion similar to tooth structure, and are easily syringe-injected for precise placement in a […]

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Op-Ed: Standardizing Green Finance for Decarbonization Investments

Written by Heather ervin Tuomas Riski, CEO of Norsepower, talks about green finance and decarbonization. (Credit: Norsepower) By Tuomas Riski, CEO, Norsepower The Poseidon Principles of the Global Maritime Fund have a large number of signatories, who together issued more than $ 1.2 billion in sustainable maritime vessel finance in 2020. Even in the first […]

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“Being the Ricardos” is the latest example of the disappearance of the frontier between television and cinema

In many ways, “Being the Ricardos,” Aaron Sorkin’s film about Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, is a confusing undertaking. The film – which hits select theaters on December 10 and airs on Amazon Prime Video on December 21 – takes place over a week in the early 1950s, when “I Love Lucy” was hugely popular. […]

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America must lead by example in democracy

US President Joe Biden came to power proclaiming that the defining question of the current era is whether democracies will fare better than non-democracies. Almost a year later, the challenges to democracy have only intensified. Washington has warned that China appears to have repeated military operations against Taiwan; Biden held a video call with Vladimir […]

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Students explored “Healing Without Hate” in an essay competition honoring civil rights activist Rosa Parks

GRAND RAPIDS, MI – Students in the city of Grand Rapids were recently honored for their contributions to an essay competition aimed at preserving the legacy of civil rights activist Rosa Parks. This year’s theme was “#Healing Without Hate,” according to Misti Stanton, chair of the Rosa Parks Sculpture Education Committee and Vice President of […]