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Photos of border officers are the latest example of media frenzy

Images of border patrol officers chasing Haitian migrants on horseback this week sparked media fury when reporters falsely claimed officers were using whips to restrain migrants.

The outrage that followed prompted the Biden administration to open an investigation this week into the tactics used by border patrol officers on horseback, whose alleged actions Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas “horrified him “.


But the viral footage, along with a story published by the El Paso Times reporting that a border patrol agent “swung his whip threateningly” at a migrant, created a misleading account of the situation – one that several Democratic lawmakers amplified it with outrageous statements.

The video appears to show the officers with nothing but reins and tether ropes called lariats in their hands, and even Mayorkas noted that border patrol officers on horseback typically use longer reins to control their horses.

Nonetheless, the intense media attention to whether officers used whips at the border provided an opening to talk about the current migration crisis that the Biden administration and other Democrats have happily accepted.

More than 12,000 migrants, mostly Haitians, wait under a bridge in Del Rio, Texas, as they cross the border and surrender to law enforcement in the hope of being treated and released in the United States. United.

The bottleneck in Del Rio is another black eye on the border policies of the Biden administration, which critics have blamed for a massive influx of illegal migration from the start of this year. Migrants seeking entry into the United States overwhelmed facilities and created conditions similar to those that placed former President Donald Trump at the center of fierce controversy in 2018 and 2019.

But media fixation on photos that don’t actually represent wrongdoing is just the latest example of journalists stoking outrage over stories that later turn out to be misleading or downright false.

Earlier this month, for example, left-wing journalists and commentators fanned the flames of outrage following a local Oklahoma report in which a doctor claimed rural hospitals were overrun with patients. who self-medicate with animal versions of ivermectin, an antiparasitic drug that is also used to treat humans.

Ivermectin has become the subject of unproven speculation about its ability to treat symptoms of COVID-19. Because some anti-vaccination advocates have championed ivermectin, critics on the left have characterized any interest in the drug as the result of unscientific ignorance.

The media quickly jumped on the Oklahoma story – especially after Rolling Stone magazine wrote its own article on the report without contacting any of the hospitals supposedly swamped with overdose cases.

Left-wing pundits including MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow have helped amplify reader’s story and cover characterizing those who have expressed interest in ivermectin as unintelligent.

The story, however, turned out to be wrong. A hospital that worked with the doctor cited in the original story said they hadn’t worked there for months, and yet they hadn’t seen any sick patients while taking ivermectin formulated for them. animals. Data showed that only a few hundred patients reported taking too much ivermectin in August – not enough to overwhelm entire state hospital systems.

The media have also looked into a story they have found handy for months about a Hunter Biden-owned laptop that was discovered during the 2020 race.

The New York Post first reported the contents of the laptop, which included emails related to Hunter Biden’s business activity in Ukraine, links to his father, and illicit images associated with his former addiction.

A number of larger outlets reported that the stories about the laptop and its contents were the product of Russian disinformation.

Twitter helped suppress the spread of the New York Post story by blocking the ability for users to share a link to it – something Republicans opposed as an unfair boost to Joe’s campaign Biden. The Federal Election Commission ruled last week that Twitter had done nothing wrong.

But the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop have since been confirmed as genuine by the same outlets that rejected them. Politico, for example, reported on Tuesday that it had corroborated at least two notable emails, including one related to Ukraine, months after reporting that experts believed the emails to be disinformation.


The media’s fixation on the Russian collusion investigation has given rise to years of stories of alleged wrongdoing by the Trump campaign that turned out to be exaggerated or inaccurate – and their mistakes in that coverage are still being discovered.

The indictment last week of Michael Sussmann, a lawyer for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, revealed that Democratic agents planted a false story on a link between a Trump server and a Russian bank that has fueled comments about Trump’s dealings with Russia and led to a misleading collusion story.

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