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Pitch Deck that Helped Insense UGC Startup Raise $2.5M: Example

  • Insense is a platform that connects creators with e-commerce brands to advertise “user-generated content”.
  • Due to the recent UGC boom, the company has grown its revenue 3x year over year.
  • Read the pitch deck that raised $2.5 million from VCs and businesses in a pre-Series A round.

Brothers Danil and Anton Saliukov and their co-founder Alexander Fedorenko made a sound call to start a “UGC” content company in 2016. UGC, or user-generated content, refers to when someone creates social content authentic in appearance for a brand to be used in advertising.

Their bet is paying off amid a recent UGC gold rush fueled by platforms like TikTok.

Insense is on track for 8-figure revenue this year, Danil told Insider. The company has tripled its revenue since 2021 and raised $5.2 million in total from venture capitalists, corporations, and even other creators, to help secure its footprint in the creator e-commerce space.

“Business is booming,” Danil said. “We’re in a big space right now. One of the reasons is the creator economy and the high demand for user-generated content.”

Insense is a platform that connects creators with e-commerce brands to help them create mobile marketing campaigns. It currently has a network of over 20,000 creators making videos and static images for a customer base of over 500 companies. Some of its biggest clients include McDonald’s and Uber, but these days Insense is focusing on working with mid-sized e-commerce companies that are investing heavily in UGC marketing.

UGC has been steadily increasing in recent years. TikTok has specifically contributed to a boom this year, with many creators shifting their careers towards creating UGC content as it can provide them with a more stable income.

The timing was right for a company like Insense. But Danil said he and his co-founders knew seven years ago that UGC marketing would become a promising industry.

“[In 2016] we started working with photographers, videographers and micro-influencers – these people told us: “We want to produce a lot of content, but we don’t want to publish it organically in our feeds”, he said. he declares. “So we started moving our product to that.”

Insense now has 50 employees based remotely around the world. It has secured itself as an official partner of the Meta and TikTok creator initiatives. And it’s working on features that will help brands easily reuse UGC content for multiple platforms.

Read the company’s pitch deck that helped raise $2.5 million in its pre-Series A investments.

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