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PM: The suffering of Christ is an example for all

The account of the Passion of Christ has implications in the daily life of citizens.

So said the Prime Minister, Dr Keith Rowley, in his Good Friday greetings to the nation, noting parallels between the Passion story and the current situation in the country.

Dr. Rowley specifically referred to the agony of Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane and the Stations of the Cross, or Way of Sorrows.

He said: “There we see Jesus being tested, suffering, enduring and enduring, even questioning himself – while displaying the virtue of patience which is required when faced with difficulties. in his own life’s journey. The agony of Jesus here must be read and re-read, for it is an example for all of us.

The prime minister said the country had endured the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic, but needed to continue to monitor the virus cautiously with the new upsurge in China.

Additionally, he said T&T is dealing with the aftermath of the war in Ukraine, which has led to rising food and fuel prices, as well as a supply chain crisis.

Dr Rowley noted that the effects of these adversities are not isolated to citizens, having affected many people around the world.

“We in Trinidad and Tobago are not immune, as these consequences will be felt around the world for some time to come. This is why the story of the Passion of Christ is relevant in our daily life,” he said.

The Prime Minister acknowledged that some citizens may feel bogged down by the current pressures and urged people to anticipate difficult days.

He said: “We must seek that process of refinement, to make the presence of God real in our daily lives, then we will find that higher plane, above a life of turbulence, replaced by a plane of exaltation, of buoyancy and inner peace.”

“Dear fellow citizens, find some time today to surrender to that soulful human impulse within you, to say something nice, and to be kind and generous to those around you. In doing so, we will reject the words of haters who constantly invite us to negative despair when such blessed hope is available,” Dr Rowley continued.

The Prime Minister urged people to demonstrate an all-encompassing love of humanity through love and compassion towards others.

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