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Poet Offaly is a recipient of the Poetry Town scholarship

Poetry Ireland has announced the 24 winners of the Poetry Town Fellowship program, which marks the legacy of the island-wide poetry initiative, and continues the excitement generated during the nine-day festival in September.

Anthony Sullivan, a poet from Lusmagh and Tullamore, is one of those who received a scholarship. Anthony is also a member of the poetry and oral creation collective The Tullamore Rhymers’ Club.

Poetry Ireland launched in October a call for nominations from poets from across the island of Ireland, in three categories (New Poets, Experienced and Lyrics). Each scholarship was worth between 300 and 500 €, depending on the level of support requested by the candidate.

The scholarships are designed to be used by recipients for opportunities to develop their poetry – some examples given during the submission process were: taking a writing course, attending a writing residency, paying for a mentorship or a critical appraisal, paying a filmmaker to create a film of poetry work, or simply taking time off to devote to writing.

Niamh O’Donnell, Director of Poetry Ireland, said: “We were overwhelmed by the number of scholarship applications and also delighted to be able to complete our Poetry Town activities by offering and granting additional support to 24 individual poets. We thank everyone who participated and look forward to seeing what our award winners develop over the next few months. ”

Poetry Town took place from September 10-18, 2021, with a mission to create common experiences for and by the people of each city, to bring together communities online and in person, and to invite everyone to meet poetry in its own right. everyday life.

From guerrilla poetry at the supermarket, street corners, stilts and bikes, to pharmacists prescribing prescriptions of poems to customers, to workshops and events that stimulated participants to write and read their first lines of poetry, Poetry Town has shown that poetry belongs to everyone, no matter where they live. See www.poetrytown.ie for more information.

Poetry Town is an initiative of Poetry Ireland in partnership with local authority arts offices. It is made possible through funding from the Arts Council of Ireland Open Call and is also supported by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland.

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