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Poetry Enchantment

It is said that poetry was at its peak during the time of Mirza Ghalib, Mir and Allama Iqbal, but today it has disappeared. The poets left and took with them the art of poetry and fell asleep under the dust. Today, no one writes, reads or listens to poetry.

It is said that poetry is not learned and poets are not made but are born, however, many examples can be given in which people learned poetry as an art and gradually mastered it, which is another matter. That some have had less success in poetry and others more.

Regarding the decline in popularity of poetry, there are countless hobbies that few people enjoy, including animal husbandry, gardening and stamp collecting, but as long as the amateurs are alive, however, the importance of poetry is much more important. that these issues because it creates a literature that promotes the language.

It is true that Urdu has assimilated English words and we have made shirt-painting and coats our slogans instead of shalwar and kameez, but living nations have their own distinct identity and identity like the identity of the nation of Pakistan. Its national language is Urdu and the role of poetry in promoting it cannot be forgotten.

If the nation of Pakistan wants to understand the importance of poetry, then it must understand Allama Iqbal, who wrote such lively, inspiring and touching poetry to promote the freedom movement, which has become the voice of the heart of every Muslim. Every Muslim aspired to become Shaheen of Iqbal and a man of faith and this was the spirit that led to the creation of Pakistan on August 14, 1947.

Nowadays, in social media, Urdu sentences are randomly written in 2 lines, and it is assumed to be poetry, and countless people blindly believe it when they see Allama Iqbal’s name written under this so-called poetry. Start sharing and no one cares to pay attention to reality.

If you’re not a poet, ask someone who knows poetry or a teacher who teaches Urdu, and they’ll tell you that the two lines you consider poetry don’t even deserve to be called prose. To attribute it to Iqbal is to seriously mock the spirit of Hakim Ummat.

Poetry enthusiasts read the poems of good poets and try to understand and remember them, they understand the beauty and depth of words, so these people also have the ability to recite good poems.

Poetry in itself is nothing less than a universe because whoever embraces this passion once can never get out of its charm. He or she develops a passion for writing down their feelings in the best possible words.

It is necessary to work hard for the daily necessities of life and to work hard for your wife and children, and also to make time for Urdu prose and poetry so that we can recognize each other as we go. we move forward with the rapid pace of the times and do not fear recognition.

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