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POETRY Product Review from The Poetry Foundation


learners to browse the app, examine poems centered on a particular mood by famous and less famous authors, and then analyze the poems, focusing on the literary devices that different authors use to illustrate the mood indicated. They might also have learners Use the app to browse and analyze all of a particular author’s works, like Shakespeare’s Sonnets or Thoreau’s Verses.

POETRY highlights some key skills on reading literature that should not be underestimated. By organizing the poems by theme, the app really puts the focus on the content rather than the author: poems by lesser-known poets sit alongside works that have been loved for centuries, allowing users to focus more closely on the content. and quality of writing. Under the guidance of a good teacher, learners could discover ideas about the importance in poetry of tone, diction and other literary devices.

Unfortunately, the functionality of the application is limited: there is no possibility to annotate texts and the sharing possibilities are limited to a few options for sharing publications on social networks. It would also be educationally helpful if users could import or access non-app poems. POETRY provides a formidable range of authors, including Dante, Shakespeare, Dryden, Gwendolyn Brooks and Paul Lawrence Dunbar – but with only a few poems included from giants like TS Eliot and Walt Whitman, what is missing is glaring. POETRY would be good to learn in the context of a well-articulated and well-structured poetry unit in the classroom, but it wouldn’t be as informative or engaging without this guidance.

Website: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id370143863?uo=4&at=10laCG&ct=website

Overall user consensus on the app

Student engagement

The SPIN feature is truly engaging, allowing children to discover and explore new authors and unexpected works by theme and mood.

Curriculum and Education

It’s difficult to use POETRY in a specially directed way, and it’s not possible to annotate or interact with the poems beyond saving them to a favorites list.

Customer service

Some nice features for scaling text and making poems bigger on screen are provided, although text-to-speech features don’t work in the app. Some poems include an audio option.

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