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Poetry Society of Tennessee announces student poetry competition

The Poetry Society of Tennessee invites student poets to participate in their annual student poetry competition, open to all Tennessee students entering Grades 2 through 12 in the upcoming school year.

The competition has two categories: written poetry and eye poems. The winning poems will be sent to national competitions and may be published.

The competition categories for written poetry forms are as follows:

  • Elementary (2nd and 5th years) – Any form
  • College (Grades 6-8) – Free verses
  • High school (9-12) – Free verses

The Eye Poem category is intended for students in Grades 2 to 12. An ocular poem is a poetic collage of visual and verbal images. Students combine images from magazine pages with words, phrases, and clauses on a single page to create a free verse poem. The aim is to create an atmosphere or an inspiration. Learn more and see examples poésietennessee.org / eye-poems.html.

Mr. Seth Grindstaff is this year’s student competition coordinator; he indicates that the deadlines for submitting the competition vary according to categories and grade levels, from December 2021 to February 2022. The PST student competition brochure, available at poésietennessee.org / student-contests.html, describes the details of the competition, including specific deadlines, formatting requirements and submission methods.

One of the core values ​​of PST is to encourage young poets. As a teacher in Sullivan County, Tennessee, Mr. Grindstaff invites students, teachers and parents to get involved: “We often have language arts teachers who submit their students’ work after a poetry course. However, the competition is also a great opportunity for organizations and home-school clubs to explore poetry. We also accept individual student submissions.

For more information about the company and the competition, visit www.poetrysocietytennessee.com. Questions regarding the competition can be directed to Mr. Grindstaff at [email protected]. Questions about PST can be directed to Lori Goetz at poé[email protected].

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