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Postecoglou cites the example of Ajax | The Celts are here


There has been a lot of interesting content produced around Ange Postecoglou’s visit to Australia with another teaser being released.

The former Socceroos boss sat down with Craig Foster to talk all things Celtic and the international team, with the interview due to be published in full on Stan Sport on October 3.

This was yet another interview where you get the best of Ange as he looks relaxed and is comfortable answering questions put to him on difficult topics.

Having already succeeded at a World Cup, the 57-year-old knows how difficult it can be to compete with the best, but he has a way of looking at the big picture to close the gap so he can compete with top teams.

“You can do a couple of things. You could kind of say that this is a gap that will never be closed because at the end of the day the wealthy clubs will continue to get bigger as we have seen. Inevitably now, as their wealth is greater in these competitions, they focus more on them so they are the beneficiaries for it to become greater,” said Ange Postecoglou speaking to Stan Sports.

“Or you can take the view I have that you’re cutting corners. Every year you go there and you make a little more impact. I think the higher you are at this level, the more confidence you gain as a club and as a group when you compete at consistent levels.

After winning the SPFL Premiership, it meant Celtic could avoid a brutal qualifier and return to the group stages of the tournament for the first time in five years.

This makes winning the league even more important each season, which will always be the primary goal, but this added bonus is a bigger incentive and takes any element of “risk” away from planning.

It was interesting to hear Postecoglou cite Ajax as a role model when discussing how teams can close the gap.

“If you look at an Ajax now, and people say that Ajax have sold so many players lately, but they are regularly making the Champions League and reaching the final, but there was probably a period of three or four years in which they built this team, that they didn’t even win the Dutch league but they had the discipline to say that we are going to face young players who will probably not win the Dutch league, but over time you look at a club like that and they nibble on it.

“That’s where I see a club like Celtic. You enter the competition yes for the experience, but also to have an impact and get away from those bigger clubs so that each time you participate you get a little closer to them. Will you ever arrive at the same space? Probably not but enough when you are more than competitive.

Postecoglou has a vision to take Celtic forward which will no doubt require patience, but it is hoped that the positive performances in Europe will turn into results.

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