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Prime Minister urges MPs to follow Queen Elizabeth’s lead

Prime Minister Wayne Panton addresses a special meeting of Parliament

(CNS): At a special meeting of Parliament on Monday to commemorate Queen Elizabeth and pledge allegiance to King Charles, Prime Minister Wayne Panton said the Queen had been an impeccable example of leadership. Panton said she leads by example and urged her colleagues to do the same, talking about the things they could take away from her leadership qualities. He urged them to embrace his leadership traits of humility, selflessness, dignity and integrity.

“As leaders, let us be inspired by the life and legacy of Her late Majesty and may we never confuse our positions or our office with our personal identity,” the Prime Minister said. “Let us renew our commitment to our goal and above all hold the responsibilities of our roles. Let us dedicate our time, talents, and treasures to improving the lives of the people we serve and, in doing so, resist the impulsive impulse of our ego that might tempt us to put ourselves first. We will be better leaders.

Governor Martyn Roper said she was the best diplomat the UK has ever had, while President McKeeva Bush said she was a “model of decency”. Opposition Leader Roy McTaggart said she was a constant presence here and her passing had “struck us all with heavy hearts”. Former prime minister Alden McLaughlin said she has become the world’s most respected leader and her absence on the world stage demands someone step in and fill the role.

While marking the loss of Elizabeth II and the end of her reign, MPs were nevertheless all enthusiastic about her successor, King Charles III, making it clear that the political landscape in the Cayman Islands remains firmly in favor of the monarchy. British.

The Queen’s period of national mourning continues until next Tuesday after the funeral on Monday, September 19, which will be a bank holiday.

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