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Prime Scholars: Perfect example of educating students in a holistic environment


An investment in knowledge generates the best interests. Parents and guardians need to consider various aspects before choosing the right school for their wards. The school should have a conducive learning environment where effective leaders guide learners. Mr. Ishwar Dass, Mr. Bharat Bhushan and Mr. Deepak Budhija, the founders of Prime Scholars International School started their business with a vision to provide conceptual education at an affordable cost.

Prime Scholars International School located in Sector 102 near Dwarka Gurugram Highway has set high standards of excellence in education and holistic development of its students. Prime Scholars is committed to providing a comprehensive education, with a primary focus on the value system and changing trends in society. The school strongly believes in the well-said quote, “Trees with strong roots laugh at storms.” Therefore, they aim to prepare students for future competitions and work in line with their motto of setting benchmark standards for others to follow. It seeks to instill in children a positive attitude towards life, a strong value system, and the habit of putting off failure until you succeed. Prime Scholars’ mission is to transform today’s young minds into tomorrow’s global leaders. The school also keeps a close eye on students’ physical, emotional, social and cognitive development.

Prime Scholars’ mission is to transform today’s young minds into tomorrow’s global leaders.

Strategically located in Sector 102 near Dwarka Gurugram Highway, the school has received several prestigious awards since its inception in 2019 including National Education Award, Best Infrastructure Award, Best School Award emerging and the price of teaching and learning practices. The school principal received the Outstanding Leadership Award and the Best Principal Award for consecutive years. Despite the COVID scenario, the school has thrived on academic excellence. The school has adopted a new pedagogical approach to achieve its motto of developing global leaders who work in the six areas of leadership as well as 7 areas of academic excellence.

How is the teaching model different at SIEP?

The programs are relevant and contain enough flexibility to accommodate different learners. Considering that there are no five fingers alike, at PSIS they offer reinforcement classes to struggling students to bring them to a respectable level and utilize their caliber at the highest level.

How does the school train the leaders of tomorrow?

Students tend to hit the bar in terms of academic percentage but often fail in interactive sessions like GD (Group Discussion) due to lack of presentation skills. At PSIS, they provide on-stage exposure from the basic root (pre-kindergarten) level. The presentation period is part of the regular schedule. Students prepare for class presentations, which not only builds confidence, but also helps combat stage fear.

What is holistic development according to PSIS?

Although academic excellence is part of the school’s vision and motto, the school strongly believes that overall excellence can be achieved when there is a mix of school and co-school education. In addition to the regular school and co-school periods, they have an enrichment period where the student chooses the activity that interests him. Trained teachers hone the talent of young learners during this period and assess the student’s level of interest. Once the student becomes interested in this activity, he is trained for different levels of competition.

How does PSIS provide exposure to global platforms?

International Collaboration: With a vision to train global leaders and set benchmarks for others, the school prepares its students for international projects with partner schools in Russia, the UK and the US through through e-mail exchanges, Skype conferences and integrated projects. The latest integrated project across borders was Festival Fever with Russia.

How does Prime Scholars ensure the growth of its students?

Research and Development – At PSIS, teachers are given special periods for research into teaching styles to make the teaching-learning process more engaging for learners. The resource room is fully equipped with all the essentials to make their research productive and part of their daily schedule.

The pre-primary teaching style involves new age teaching mantras, various brainstorming techniques, audio-visual teaching tools, an introduction to fun elements to make the classroom lively, a Montessori lab, a discovery room – for role play and an interactive floor. Similarly, high school and college involve activity-based learning and assessment, reasoning, values, and the HOTS level.

One hour of aptitude is included in the timetable to reinforce logical reasoning and mental ability from grade 1.

How does PSIS give equal importance to co-school education?

At PSIS, students are educated in academics and co-scholastics, as this plays a vital role in their personality development. It not only prepares the child and keeps them in shape, but also teaches team spirit, coordination and sportsmanship and improves confidence. The school strongly believes that every child should have various platforms to excel and discover their hidden talent. PSIS recently organized a sports fortnight – DES SPORTS FIESTA 2022, through which every child was given a platform to play several games and show off their talent. The house that obtained the maximum gold, silver and bronze received the 2022 HOUSE OF THE YEAR trophy.

PSIS is organizing an inter-school competition – ALMA FIESTA 2022, involving several schools in Delhi NCR.

The SIEP leadership perspective – “We convert signatures into autographs.”

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