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Prince Harry and William said to ‘follow Princess Anne’s lead’ for Firm’s sake | royal | New

Speaking about the frosty relationship between the two brothers, royal commentator Jane Moore referenced Princess Anne’s tumultuous relationship with ex-husband Mark Phillips. Despite the tensions, the couple appeared as models of unity at their daughter’s wedding last week.

Ms Moore said the Royal Family generally consider it “vulgar” to appear bothered by “bruised emotions” after a split.

Writing for the Sun, she said Princess Anne’s situation could perhaps give the Cambridges and Sussexes “much-needed perspective” on their disagreement.

She wrote: “If the Phillips clan can show unity after all they’ve been through, surely a little feud over bridesmaids tights can be resolved?”

Princess Anne watched her ex-husband Captain Mark Phillips walk her daughter, Stephanie, from her second wedding down the aisle on Saturday.

Stephanie, 24, grew up on Anne’s Gatcombe Park estate, where Captain Phillips, 73, continued to live after divorcing Anne in 1992.

The setup meant that Stephanie was raised close to her half-siblings Zara and Peter Phillips, who were there with their partners Mike Tindall and Lindsay Wallace to watch her bond with her longtime partner William Hosier.

Any tension between the Princess Royal, 71, and her ex-husband, who was there with his new girlfriend Lindsay Wallace, was not shown as they watched their young daughter say yes.

In keeping with the sense of marital and ex-marital harmony, Peter’s ex-wife Autumn also attended the ceremony with her new boyfriend, property developer Donal Mulryan.

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Ms Moore said Princess Anne met Mark Phillips in 1968, when she was still ‘lost in love’ with Andrew Parker-Bowles – whom she was forbidden from marrying because he was a Catholic.

She wrote: “So he married, you guessed it, a young woman called Camilla who ended up having an affair with Princess Anne’s brother Charles and is now our future Queen Consort.

“If all of the above happened on The Jeremy Kyle Show, there would be widespread rebuke about declining morality that threatens the very fabric of society, blah, blah, blah.”

Ms Moore said the royal’s ‘contempt’ for vulgarity ‘usually keeps them from behaving badly after a split – hence the hodgepodge of exes, currents and mixed siblings who have come together to celebrate Stephanie’s wedding”.

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Speaking about the Princess Royal’s unusual family setup, Ms Moore said Harry and William should ‘take a leaf’ from her book and call their troubles aside.

The two royal brothers have remained distant since the Sussexes chose to step back from their senior royal roles and move to the United States in 2020.

The couple’s explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey then followed months of fallout between the two royal couples.

During the interview, the Duke of Sussex explained that Kate brought him to tears in the days leading up to her wedding to Prince Harry, over an issue with bridesmaid dresses.

An insider claimed the fallout was over whether bridesmaids should wear tights or not, with Kate wanting to follow protocol, while Meghan didn’t want them to wear tights.

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