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Psychotherapist Thinks ‘Corn Kid’ Is A Good Example Of ‘Great’ Parenting

A psychotherapist has shared her take on ‘Corn Kid’, a little boy who stole the internet’s heart.

If you don’t know who Corn Kid is yet, prepare to fall in love. Tariq, an elementary school student, was featured in an episode of Recess Therapy, a series where host Julian Shapiro-Barnum interviews children in New York City playgrounds. Tariq’s love for corn was the focus of the segment. With phrases like “Have a nice day” and “That’s corn!” it was only a matter of time before it went viral.

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“Since I was told the corn was real, it tasted good. But when I tried it with butter, everything changed. I love corn,” Tariq told Barnum.

While Tariq wrote a song in his honor and so many people fell in love with him, psychotherapist Hali Riley weighed in on the phenomenon.

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Riley thinks Tariq is a “good example of great parenting” and, like most people online, has become “obsessed” with him. She thinks it’s obvious that Tariq gets so much love and attention that he’s able to shine bright.

“Someone in this kid’s life tells him he’s beautiful and the things he loves are beautiful,” Riley explained. “With vocabulary and this child is able to tell a story – someone talks to him and encourages him to speak his mind.”

She thinks the adults in her life encouraged her to be curious and try different things.

“It feels like sweet, involved parenting and it’s beautiful,” she said. “This little boy is confident and emotionally intelligent. Yes, that really warms my heart.

Users agreed with the psychotherapist’s analysis and shared their love for #CornTok.

“Finally someone put it in real words!! You can definitely tell someone is showering him with love by the descriptors he is using,” one person wrote.

‘He didn’t know the corn was real until he was told and whoever told him didn’t laugh at him because he didn’t know,’ another said.

“I noticed how vast his vocabulary is and how he has a very sophisticated sense of humor. He’s a really smart kid! someone added.

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