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Reducing Anxiety in Essay Writing: 7 Powerful Principles for You


Writing an academic or educational essay is quite a difficult task in itself. And, if you also manage more than one task in parallel, the whole scenario would be even more difficult.

There was a time when I used to get a little too anxious while working on my essay. And it affected my writing style and my informational approach that I usually take when I write.

But, I did my part and created a strategy to deal with the anxiety that I tend to deal with on a regular basis. And I will share the same in this article accordingly.

So if you are someone like me, this blog is going to be a must for you.

Why does writing make people anxious?

Getting anxious while writing is not really a common scenario, even among college students. If this happens, however, you might find it nearly impossible to write anything.

But why does such a problem occur?

Well, for starters, the writing itself is quite a difficult task. And, if you do it for a long time, it will put a huge strain on your brain. This, in turn, can affect thinking ability or rationality and make you a bit anxious.

On top of that, if you work under pressure for a while, it can also harm your brain health. This is yet another thing that could increase your risk for anxiety.

So how do you deal with your anxiety attacks?

Dealing with your anxiety can be quite difficult, especially when working on a term paper. But if you practice the following steps properly, you will find it easier to overcome the problem. Here is what you need to know in this regard.

Tip – 1: Breathe deeply.

When you slow down your breathing rate, you also slow down your brain. This in turn can reduce the activity level of your brain and also decrease your anxiety level.

In addition to this, deep breathing can also help you focus on your work effectively. This will make it much easier and faster for you to complete your trial on the go.

Tip – 2: Take a break.

Yes I understand. When you’re in a hurry, taking a break doesn’t seem like the most feasible option in the world. But believe me, it’s a necessity, not a luxury.

Going for a walk in the park or talking to someone can calm your nerves a bit. Therefore, it will be much easier for you to think clearly and stop worrying for a while.

Tip – 3: Write about something interesting.

If you are writing on a technical subject, it will certainly be difficult for you to complete the same thing in one go. After all, they are not interesting. So you won’t have much room for creativity.

Therefore, if you want to keep writing or stay busy, I’ll ask you to write about something else, like a topic you like. It could be a book review or something else. Just try moving away from your main topic a bit and see if that works well for you or not.

Tip – 4: Simplify your topic structure.

No matter what you write, researching it thoroughly will be extremely important. Or, you might end up losing track of the topic out of nowhere while writing.

Therefore, in this case, simplifying your topic structure can be very helpful. For example, it will ensure that you don’t lose track of your writing out of nowhere.

Also, when you have a ready-made article structure in front of you, you will feel confident to write or work on it. Therefore, you won’t feel worried or anything anymore.

Tip – 5: Create a short-term goal.

An educational essay can be quite large and difficult to manage. So if you don’t want to get too anxious or anything about it, it can be helpful to create a short-term goal around it.

For example, if you are writing a 10,000 word article and have a month of time, try to write at least 500 words/day. This way, it will be easier for you to complete your work within the given time and not worry or worry about anything.

However, here is one thing.

If you are writing a large article, it is better to check it at least once or twice as a whole. This will help you find out the silly mistakes you made in your essay and get rid of them. So, the risk of losing your grades will be much lower in this aspect.

Tip – 6: Opt for a writing service.

Do you think you are too busy to complete your essay within the time limit? Well, in this case, opting for a writing service supplier can be very useful in your case.

For example, they can help you write the article within the given time for some money. And, as an expert, they won’t make any mistakes.

Also, if you find something wrong with them, you can just send the essay back. They will relive the same thing and take care of the problems immediately.

Tip – 7: Find the answer to “Can I really do this?”

Sometimes a lack of confidence and self-confidence can lead to anxiety in a writer. And the same can happen when writing a pesky essay. So to avoid the same you will have to –

  • Acknowledge that writing an essay is, indeed, quite difficult. And, if you want to take a little help from someone, please do so. There is no shame in anything.
  • If you find anything unusual while writing, be sure to research the topic thoroughly before writing. Sometimes the thought of writing something wrong can lead to stress, anxiety, and writer’s block.
  • Focus on your basic writing style and do what you do best. Don’t think about your weaknesses at all. This will massively affect your writing style.

Finalize it!

So this is it. I hope this article has given you some insight into how you can reduce anxiety when writing an essay. However, if you need a little more help, please comment in the section below. I will do my best to help you.

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