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Rogue Adopts Sandbag Ladder Format for Maximum 1-Rep Log Lift at Rogue Invitational 2022


On Saturday night at the 2022 CrossFit Games, there was a single-rep Sandbag Ladder event, which introduced a new format for a lifting event to the CrossFit world. Five athletes lifted at a time. Then, as the athletes were eliminated, they were separated into groups to lift three at a time. Eventually, when enough of the peloton had been eliminated, the athletes stood up solo.

Saturday night at the 2022 Rogue Invitational at the Dell Diamond Stadium in Round Rock, TX introduced another strongman tool for a one-rep max lift test – the “Texas Oak,” a log max lift event. With fewer athletes on the court (20 at Rogue versus 40 at the Games), the opening lifts were done in groups of four, then reduced to groups of two, and finally, down to individual lifts. .

There was, however, a big difference in how the tiebreakers for these two events played out. The tiebreaker for the sandbag ladder came after the athletes failed a lift. If more than one athlete failed at the same weight, they would proceed to a light sandbag sprint tie-break. For the Log Lift, the tie-breaker was established in advance by having the athletes run once on the competition floor carrying two jerry cans (one in each hand).

In both cases, the tiebreakers would be decided to the hundredth of a second in certain cases. In both events, tiebreakers had a significant impact on the rankings, especially at certain weights. For example, eight women missed the 220-pound sandbag and the 200-pound log).

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Comparison of sandbag ladder to log lift

Thirty athletes — 16 men and 14 women — took part in the two events. Let’s do a cross-event comparison for these athletes by equating the Games results to the Rogue Invitational as a percentage of the field and divide them into quartiles:

  • First quarter: The top 10 in the Games and the top five in Rogue are both in the top 25%
  • Second quartile: 11-20 at the Games and six to 10 at Rogue are both in the next quartile
  • Third quarter: 21-30 at Games and 11-15 at Rogue will be considered parallels
  • Fourth quartile: The last 10 in the Games and the last five in Rogue, which is the bottom 25% of the pack.

Men’s Division

Athlete Sandbag Scale Ranking Sandbag Scale Weight Log Lift Rank Log lifting weight
Nick Mathew 1st 340 pounds 6th 280 pounds
Jayson Hopper 4th 340 pounds 9th 270 pounds
Justin Medeiros 5th 330 pounds 16th 260 pounds
saxon panchik 6th 330 pounds 11th 270 pounds
Ricky Garard 7th 330 pounds 3rd 280 pounds
Tim Paulson 10th 320 pounds 7th 280 pounds
Samuel Kwan 11th 320 pounds 10th 270 pounds
Henrik Haapalainen 12th 320 pounds 5th 280 pounds
Roman Khrennikov 13th 320 pounds 2nd 290 pounds
Jeffrey Adler 16th 310 pounds 15th 260 pounds
patrick velner 17th 310 pounds 17th 260 pounds
Noah Ohlsen 18th 310 pounds 18th 260 pounds
Björgvin Karl Guðmundsson 21st books books 12th 270 pounds
Lazar Đukic 28 300 pounds 19th N / A
Cole Sager 29 300 pounds 20th N / A
Jonne Koski 30th 290 pounds 13th 270 pounds

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  • Only Ricky Garard managed to place in the top 25% in both competitions.
  • Samuel Kwant finished in the second quartile for both.
  • Björgvin Karl Guðmundsson and Jonne Koski were in the third quartile for both.
  • The other 12 men moved between quartiles in those two events.

The greatest movers

  • Roman Khrennikov finished 13th (second quartile at the Games) and 2nd (first quartile at Rogue)
  • Henrik Haapalainen placed 12th (second quartile at the Games) and jumped to fifth (first quartile at Rogue)
  • Justin Medeiros placed fifth at the Games (first quartile) but fell to 16th at Rogue (third quartile). Although there was some controversy over whether his 270-pound lift should have counted, it ultimately didn’t, as he was deemed to have started this attempt after the allotted time had elapsed.

Women’s Division

Athlete Sandbag Scale Ranking Sandbag Scale Weight Log Lift Rank Log lifting weight
Dani Speegle 1st 250 pounds 1st 215 pounds
Jacqueline Dahlstrom 2nd 240 pounds 19th 170 pounds
Laura Horvat 3rd 230 pounds 2nd 200 pounds
Amanda Barnart 4th 230 pounds 9th 190 pounds
Ellie Turner 7th 210 pounds 3rd 190 pounds
Emma McQuaid 11th 210 pounds 12th 180 pounds
Danielle Brandon 15th 200 pounds 15th 180 pounds
Kara Saunders 17th 200 pounds 16th 170 pounds
Mathilde Garnes 18th 200 pounds 11th 180 pounds
Gabriela Migala 26 200 pounds 4th 190 pounds
Arielle Loewen 28 190 pounds 13th 180 pounds
Alexis Raptis 29 190 pounds 5th 190 pounds
Carolyne Prevost 30th 190 pounds 18th 170 pounds
Emma Lawson 33rd 180 pounds 8th 190 pounds

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  • Dani Speegle, winning both events, instantly jumps off the page and establishes her as the woman to beat in this style of Stranger Object or Strongman events.
  • Laura Horvath taking third in the sandbag and second with the log is a close second in consistency.
  • Ellie Turner completes a trio of incredibly strong women who managed to finish in the first quartile at the Games (seventh) and at Rogue (third)
  • The only other athlete to finish in the same (third) quartile at both was Arielle Loewen (28th and 13th respectively).

The greatest movers

  • Jacqueline Dahlstrøm, whose phenomenal effort earned her second place at the Games, was not to be repeated as she placed second to last on the Log Lift in Rogue.
  • Gabriela Migała almost did the opposite. She only managed a 26th (third quartile) on the sandbag at the Games, but pushed all the way to fourth (first quartile) on the Log Lift at Rogue.
  • Emma Lawson made a considerable leap from 33rd (fourth quartile) on the Sandbag to eighth (second quartile) on the Log Lift.

A few of the strongest athletes with a barbell on display in these two workouts don’t necessarily translate to strength with weird objects. Jeffrey Adler won four lifting events at the CrossFit Games, all of which featured a barbell; and yet with the sandbag; 16th (second quartile), and with the Log; 15th (third quartile).

On the women’s side, Kara Saunders also won four events at the Games on workouts mostly decided by a barbell, but placed eerily similar to Adler, taking 17th (Sandbag) and 16th (Log).

The format of these two events was similar and the idea of ​​testing the athlete’s strength using less perfect objects than a barbell remains intact. However, the results were quite scattered. Doing well on one did not guarantee a similar fate on the other.

Some athletes have shown skill in both (Speegle, Horvath), some have excelled at one and not the other (Dahlstrøm, Medeiros), and some have struggled with both (Adler, Saunders) . It’s likely that for some, the formation of Strange Objects and Strong Men will need to be factored into their preparations for the 2023 season. Others are just hoping for more to appear in future lineup.

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