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Scottish Tories attacked Nicola Sturgeon after national independence trial

Sturgeon fired the parting shot on a new post-Covid indy record as she promised an updated prospectus outlining the case for leaving the UK would start to be released ‘soon’.

She said the Scottish Government was “committed to providing that choice and ensuring it will be fully informed”.

“To that end, we will soon begin publishing an updated prospectus on the opportunities that independence can bring to Scotland,” she said.

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The post received more than 1,000 likes on Twitter but drew backlash from Unionists.

Scottish Conservatives have said the Scottish government is “distracted by its obsession” with independence.

Sharing a photo from the front page of the Sunday National, they said: “Nicola Sturgeon thinks the time has come for a new independence campaign.

“Islanders and rail commuters deserve better than a government distracted by its obsession.”

A reply to the Tory post read: ‘Holyrood’s independence is long overdue.’

Donald Cameron, the Conservative Constitutional Spokesman, called the FM’s call “totally reckless”.

He said: “It is utterly unwise that Nicola Sturgeon is still obsessed with holding a vote to break up the UK despite the war in Ukraine, our post-pandemic recovery and a crisis in the cost of life to focus on.

“She continues to ignore the fact that the people of Scotland do not want another independence referendum.

“This is just another example of the SNP’s refusal to focus on the day-to-day issues facing our country in favor of its divisive push for separation.

“Their selfish obsession with dismantling the UK must end before it does further harm to Scotland’s interests.”

Tory MP Stephen Kerr meanwhile fired another bullet at the Prime Minister for his recent trip to America.

He said: “Extremely out of touch, Nicola Sturgeon returns from tea and comfortable press operations in the United States to declare ‘now is the time to break up the UK’.

“Meanwhile, normal people are worried about the cost of living, rail cuts, lower school standards, longer NHS waiting times…”

Pamela Nash, Managing Director of Scotland in Union, added: “In the midst of a cost of living crisis, Nicola Sturgeon’s obsession with her negative split campaign is an insult to the people of Scotland.

“As his government presides over cuts to train services, oversees a ferry fiasco and backtracks on its promise to close the education achievement gap, it is wasting time and resources on a new plan to leave the Kingdom -United.”

Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon has promised that indyref2 will be held in 2023

While the UKIP Scotland account also responded to the front page: “People are struggling to pay bills and put food on the table, yet #Snp are more concerned with independence which would be a disaster for the ‘Scotland.”

Labor politicians also attacked the FM, with councilor Brian McGinley saying: ‘Groundhog day and political regurgitation. Do you think we are idiots? Unfortunately, the only growth in Scotland is in NHS waiting times.

Responding to a different tweet about the trial, McGinley said: ‘This is not news. It’s propaganda. We settled the argument in 2014. This is madness. A sign of madness is repeating the same actions and expecting a different result.

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“Of all the things that need to be sorted out in Scotland and you want to debate the constitution again? Seriously?”

And responding a third time, this time to a message advertising the article, the Labor politician said: ‘Perhaps it is because there is an election in the UK in a few years and, having not done no progress nor indicated any meaningful way forward over the past eight years, she needs to pretend that the constitutional debate is not stuck in a time warp? We decided the future of Scotland in 2014.”

The front page saw support from many Indy supporters and politicians, with SNP MP Hannah Bardell tweeting: ”If we could use existing delegated powers to make significantly better decisions for Scotland, what could we do more with the powers that remain in the hands of the Tories at Westminster? Answer- So many. Bring Indy!

And Elena Whitham MSP said: ‘There is no longer a status quo as we face the climate and biodiversity crisis, a cost of living crisis and the UK is clearly unequal to the extreme. Scotland can choose another path: we have the foundations, the will, the assets and the skills.

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