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Seasonal content from Deep Rock Galactic seems to be a great example of the practice


Seasonal content in video games has become increasingly popular thanks to blockbuster titles like Epic Games’ Fortnite. Although there is a long history of experiences like World of warcraft Releasing expansions to maintain player engagement, modern games continue to experiment with new types of ongoing content and monetization. One game that is now entering the ring with a seasonal system and a battle pass is Ghost Ship Games’ Galactic Deep Rock.

For those who are not in the know, Galactic Deep Rock is a cooperative FPS similar to games like Left for dead or most recent Back 4 Blood. It centers a dwarf mining company that works on a deadly, alien insect infested planet called Hoxxes 4, having players choose one of four classes and team up with three others to complete a variety of tasks. So far its updates have been relatively disconnected and fans have been expecting the same from Update 35. However, after delaying Update 35, Ghost Ship today announced a more complete overhaul of Update 35. its systems, one that seems to get the most out of a lot of other games.

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Deep Rock Galactic seasons and performance pass explained

According to a narrated trailer released by Ghost Ship Games detailing Galactic Deep Rockfrom season 1: Rival incursion, one of the main reasons he adopts this template is to focus on creating cohesive themes and stories in the universe. For example, this season deals with the arrival of another company on Hoxxes 4, mechanically happening in the form of a new type of mission. Deep rock teased for a while.

These “industrial sabotage” missions allow players to find rival mining outposts and take their data for themselves. While this is a morally gray goal, it fits well with the underlying themes of the games of endless growth of capitalism and the treatment of workers who literally shout corporate propaganda by pushing on a button. It also gives the developer reasons to insert new weapons they’ve been working on, as Deep Rock Galactic goes out of their way to stifle their competition.

It comes next Deep Galactic Rock ‘s new battle pass called Performance Pass, which includes 100 levels of rewards such as cosmetics, credits, upgrade materials, and a new in-game currency called Scrips. There’s nothing that gives a player a gaming edge that they couldn’t already get, even for the new paid DLC with cosmetics for all weapons based on the rival company.

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Deep Rock Galactic synthesizes good ideas from other games

Deep Rock Galactic Blanket

There is still room for Galactic Deep Rock move towards the Bungie approach with Destiny 2 down the line, keeping its seasonal updates with new gameplay and story content, but supplementing them with paid annual expansions. However, the cracks in this system began to appear. Bungie needs to store older paid content to make room for new paid content, sometimes with controversial pricing strategies as seen with The witch queen.

Stick to free themed seasons that include progressive additions ala Fortnite is probably a better shot for a little game like Galactic Deep Rock, but what sets this new system apart is that it’s completely free, easily accessible, and somewhat customizable. Fortnite and similar free games with battle passes such as Pokémon United ask people to pay more for premium content to unlock with a base rewards track.

For Galactic Deep Rock, everything in the current Performance Pass track is available to everyone, and Ghost Ship even seems determined to help fans reach the end with several ways to increase their point gain during missions. As in Super Animal Royale, each battle pass will also be accessible after a given season to help “completists”. The new premium currency, scripts, will also not be spent on random loot boxes or a rotating item shop. Instead, there is a branching tree of potential cosmetic options to choose from.

Since this co-op game has a base investment of $ 30, it makes sense to take a free season approach. If working on the new seasons becomes too much of a task with too little backend feedback, Ghost Ship and publisher Coffee Stain might emulate. Destiny 2 by making the base game free and having paid expansions. Given Deep rock already does paid DLC for cosmetics, it’s certainly not unthinkable, but even if the game goes in that direction, it should retain what makes the seasonal content on offer stand out: ease of access, focus on cosmetics versus paid content, and player – driven personalization.

Galactic Deep Rock is available now on PC and Xbox One. Season 1: Rival incursion starts November 4.

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