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Shama’s concept of women’s empowerment sets an example « Khabarhub

KATHMANDU: Shama Kausar, founder of 24Orbit and co-founder of Soanmenu, has continued to develop her digital activity.

She first started with the concept of empowering women by making them win in a flexible way. However, people of all ages and genders have been associated with Shama.

She is a businesswoman, entrepreneur, business consultant and social activist simultaneously promoting entrepreneurship, empowerment and employment.

Coming from a simple family in Bhelatand, Indian Jharkhand, Shama is a BTech graduate and also a journalist by profession.

She quit her job as an international business manager to create a platform for those who are extremely talented and experienced personalities who deserve flexible working hours to run everything smoothly.

Shama’s idea led to the creation of 24Orbit, which not only helps women to have their own startup, but also offers free consultation without age and gender restrictions in entrepreneurship with available resources.

24Orbit is into branding, website creation, graphic design, virtual assistance, content composition, social media, events, OTT, promotion, influencer collaborations and more. others.

Shama is also co-founder of Soan Menu, which is owned by Sheikh Asif.

It is carefully designed following COVID protocols such as social distancing, where hotels and restaurants can do their business online by creating a digital menu in the form of a QR code for free, and other foodies can simply scan and order according to their needs.

The idea behind the creation of 24orbit actually originated from the unmanageable lifestyle and responsibility of women after marriage, where women are mostly responsible for managing everything, but end up giving up their careers even after being so talented.

While executing the idea of ​​forming a women’s team, she soon realized that not only skilled women, but also skilled men and children struggle to earn a living.

Then she started to focus on talent-based acquisition and she now has a highly qualified team with her.

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