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Should you use Facebook to log into other apps? 6 advantages and disadvantages


You’ve probably noticed that more and more websites and apps offer you the option to log in with your Facebook account. While this can be convenient, there are also some risks. Some of these risks are obvious, like you giving the app access to your Facebook account. But other risks may not be so obvious.

In this article, you’ll learn the pros and cons of using Facebook to log in to other apps, so you can decide if it’s worth it.

What is Facebook Login and how does it work?

Facebook Login is a feature that lets you log in to other apps using your Facebook account. When you use Facebook Login, the app will ask for permission to access your public profile and email address. If you grant permission to the app, it will log you in without you having to enter your username and password.

Some apps may also request additional permissions, such as access to your friends list or the ability to post on your behalf. But you can always deny these additional permissions.

Benefits of Using Facebook Login

Using Facebook Login has some advantages. Here are some of the most notable:

1. It’s convenient

We all know that feeling: you’ve just downloaded a new app and can’t wait to start using it, but then you have to create a whole new account. With Facebook Login, you can skip all that and get straight to the good stuff.

You wouldn’t want to use Facebook Login for every app or website (more on that later), but sometimes it can save you time.

2. It’s one less password to remember

If you’re like most people, you probably have a lot of different passwords to track. Using Facebook Login means one less password to remember. Now you just need to remember your Facebook password.

3. It’s safer than using a shared password

Have you ever used the same password for multiple accounts? If so, then you know that’s not the safest way to do things. But when you use Facebook to sign in to other apps, your credentials are more secure because they’re tied to your Facebook account, an account that likely has Facebook’s two-factor authentication enabled.

4. It lets you connect with friends on other platforms

When you use your Facebook login on other apps, it can be a great way to connect with friends who also use those apps. For example, if you are playing a game that requires a social media login, logging in with Facebook will allow you to see which of your friends are also playing that game.

5. It allows you to save and restore game progress

If you’ve ever had to start a game from scratch after switching devices, you know how frustrating it can be. When you use Facebook Login for games, your progress is saved and can be restored if you need to switch devices.

6. Some platforms require it

Some platforms only allow you to log in with Facebook – no other options are available. So if you want to use them, you have no choice but to use your Facebook ID. Messenger is an example. Oculus used to be one too, but it now requires a Meta account instead, which is technically the same thing.

Disadvantages of Using Facebook Login

As with everything, there are also downsides to using Facebook Login. Here are some of the potential risks:

1. It’s not as private as you might think

Every time you log in to something with your Facebook account, you are giving that app or website access to some of your personal information. The amount of information shared depends on the permissions you have granted, but it can be significant.

2. It’s easy to accidentally share too much information

Although Facebook gives users the ability to control how much information they share with apps, it’s easy to accidentally share too much. For example, you might download an app and grant it permission to access your public profile, but later realize that it also has access to your friends list.

3. It’s a single point of failure

If your Facebook account is hacked, the attacker would have access to all the apps and websites you logged into with Facebook. This could do a lot of damage, especially if you use your Facebook login for sensitive accounts.

4. Some apps sell your data

Although Facebook has strict policies on how third-party apps can use your data, not all apps follow these rules. In some cases, an app that requires Facebook Login may sell your data to advertisers.

5. You give Facebook even more data about you

Privacy issues are one of the main reasons why some people hate Facebook. If you’re worried that Facebook has too much data on you, using your Facebook login for other apps will only make the situation worse.

6. You could be locked out of your account

If you ever forget your Facebook password, you could be locked out of all apps and websites you’ve logged into with Facebook. It is therefore important to have a backup method to access these accounts, just in case.

Decide whether or not to use Facebook login for other apps

The best way to decide whether or not to use Facebook login for other apps is to weigh the pros and cons. Consider how important convenience and security are to you. Also consider how much data you’re comfortable sharing with Facebook and other companies.

If you’re concerned about privacy, you can limit the amount of data you share by only using Facebook Login for apps that don’t require a lot of personal information. Or, you can decide not to use Facebook Login at all.

On the other hand, if you’re more concerned with convenience, using Facebook Login might be the way to go. Just be sure to carefully review the permissions requested by each app before granting access.

Facebook Login: Convenience at a Price

The bottom line is that using Facebook Login for other apps can be convenient, but it comes at a price. You give up some privacy and security so you don’t have to remember multiple usernames and passwords.

Think carefully if the convenience is worth it before using Facebook Login for other apps.

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