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Snapchat not connecting: is Snapchat down today? What we know so far


According to Down Detector, the problems started around 1:30 p.m., with users complaining about the app’s loading time.

Issues have been recorded by Snapchat users across the UK on Down Detector, including in London, Birmingham and Manchester.

Of the issues reported, 87% relate to connection issues, while 10% relate to the app.

The connection to the server concerns 3% of reports.

Snapchat users complain about issues on Twitter

Users took to another social media platform, Twitter, to complain about the issues.

One wrote, “Is Snapchat down or have I been logged out of my account forever?”

Another wrote: “Is Snapchat down for anyone else?

A third tweeted: “@Snapchat is your app down? Don’t let me log in”

“Something went wrong on Snapchat” – what does it mean?

The Snapchat error “something went wrong” is said to appear when the servers of the platform are not working properly.

Make sure the servers are working before trying to fix the problem.

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