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Squires: Christians should follow the example of Ibram X. Kendi on how to fight for your faith in the public square

One of the most important bipartisan principles of American political life is the separation of church and state. It has been supported by Democrats and Republicans — often for different reasons — for decades.

A spiritual leader, aided by the heartbreaking death of a man, has emerged in recent years and changed that reality. This man has become the high priest to many who write the laws of our country and shape our public culture.

That man is Dr. Ibram X. Kendi, and he preaches the “good news” of anti-racism and racial equity. In fact, the central message of Kendi’s gospel and its scripture “How to be an anti-racist” is simple: “Racism is death. Anti-racism is life.

This statement should sound very familiar to Christians who read their Bibles and affirm the words of the apostle Paul: “For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Jesus -Christ our Lord.

Most people think of Kendi as a teacher, scholar, and author. The truth is much more complex. Ibram Kendi is America’s most zealous spiritual leader and evangelist today. His gospel leaves no room for bums – a person is Is racist or anti-racist. He preaches this message everywhere he goes, and his supporters are legion.

School districts across the country have paid Kendi more than $30,000 to deliver short speeches and help them integrate her teachings into thousands of K-12 classrooms. His insights on racial equity have also influenced COVID vaccine distribution policies and criminal justice reform efforts. Kendi is a staunch defender of his faith and he wants to see it integrated into all aspects of American life.

The irony is that Kendi criticizes capitalism, struggles to define the word “racism” and does not fairly apply its own principles. As is the case with many religious leaders, an abundance of zeal often covers up flaws in doctrine.

Kendi’s imperfections should be even more of an encouragement to Christian conservatives who want their faith reflected in our laws and policies, but fear imposing their views on the general public.

If we can agree that every law has a moral position and lawmakers are already influenced by spiritual teachers, then the question becomes, “What would an all-Christian program that serves the common good look like?”

I believe this would take the form of an “order program” that is fundamentally committed to affirming and preserving natural, social, and public order.

The foundations of the order’s agenda are recognition of God as the creator of all life, Jesus Christ as man’s only hope of eternal salvation, the Bible as God’s primary means of raise awareness of humanity and the desire to exercise biblical wisdom and ethics. in all areas of public life. The goal of the order’s agenda is to create the kind of society that enables people of all backgrounds and belief systems to build decent and fulfilling lives – however God designed this world.

Government policy alone will not change a society, especially a society that has been in a death spiral for so long. Therefore any cultural transformation must incorporate the use of the pen (e.g. laws and books), the stock market (e.g. government and free market activity) and the pulpit (e.g. politicians and pastors) in all areas of society.

Christian organizations like the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) have been doing this for decades. Others, like the AND campaign, seek to engage Christians who feel invisible and unserved by both sides. These organizations do valuable work, but they tend to focus on putting in place protections for people and religious institutions. Their attachment to seduction also limits the strength of their arguments because the left sets the definitions and terms of public debate.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Florida’s decision to invest $70 million in fatherhood initiatives, ban abortions after 15 weeks, provide more financial resources to foster parents, and ban the social, medical and surgical “transition” of gender-confused children are all examples of good family policy. Conservatives should follow the state’s lead, borrow a page from the left, and keep pushing forward.

Elected officials who hold biblical views on sex, sexuality, and marriage should go even further and reward the things they believe will lead to stronger, more resilient families and communities. This could mean providing financial incentives for men and women – the only gender pair that can produce offspring – to marry and stay married. These incentives could also increase for couples who have children within marriage.

The education order program could include greater parental control over funding so parents can choose schools that align with their values ​​and academic priorities. Students should not be forced to endure classrooms that function as therapy sessions or political strategy sessions for narcissistic adults. Such a plan should also include funding for homeschooled families who educate their children at much lower cost than the government.

This is how you change the prevailing political paradigm from “you get what you pay for” to “pay for what you want”.

Another point on the agenda, at the crossroads of family and education, is the type of media aimed at children. One bold change the order’s agenda could fight for is a ban on all LGBTQIA+ content aimed at children. Americans have become so used to seeing Pride parades marketed to toddlers and drag queens reading stories to children that it seems hard to imagine a world where this isn’t the norm. The explosion of Gen Z Americans who identify as LGBTQIA+, including “non-binary,” is in part the result of intense social programming that begins at increasingly younger ages.

Applying biblical sexual ethics to public culture would also prevent slut walks, teach boys that girls should be respected and protected, and offer more encouragement to young women who want to marry and have children in twenties than we do to those who want to be OnlyFans models or sex workers.

The order’s approach to public safety must be clear and concise: deal with evil quickly to prevent it from spreading. Criminals, regardless of their skin color, feel encouraged to commit serious crimes when they know they will not be punished. That’s why law-abiding citizens, not lawbreakers, should be at the heart of any public safety reform. This program would include prompt accountability of law enforcement personnel who break the law they or they have sworn to respect because their authority also has limits that must be respected.

The left has no limiting principle. If marriage is a matter of consenting adults, why can’t three people get married? If children are old enough to consent to radically altering their bodies, why can’t they consent to relationships with adults, self-identified “minor-attracted people” who want to take advantage of those bodies? If every advance in reproductive technologies is considered a breakthrough for society, why should there be restrictions on the creation of artificial sperm, eggs and wombs?

In contrast, the limiting principle of most conservatives – including Christians in the public square – is the assertion of ruling elites who hate their values. It is the real “politics of respectability” that holds back social progress.

It’s also why people like David French and Mitt Romney can summon the fury of a thousand suns in the Atlantic or on the Senate floor to berate Republican voters who question the 2020 election but speak with great care and precision when it comes to the big lie. to choose their own sex. While the left pushes the cause of defunding local law enforcement, these conservatives are mostly concerned about the police’s strict enforcement of the tone.

There is a significant difference between a “culture war” engagement that quietly seeks shelter from attack and a daring fight to reclaim lost territory. In this regard, the conquests of the left related to sexuality and gender identity demonstrate that it is not necessary to have a majority to seize the big institutions and change the laws. What the new conservative movement needs to understand is what it plans to keep. One answer is a strong, family-oriented public culture.

Doing so will require being prepared to absorb accusations of homophobia, transphobia and other types of bigotry. Christians should be confident enough in the source and content of their beliefs not to fear moral sermons from people who think abortion until birth is a human right or that giving a 16-year-old girl a double mastectomy years is a “gender-affirming treatment”.

You can treat individuals with respect and dignity while striving for specific public norms and values ​​that lead to life and order.

Ibram Kendi demonstrated that the separation of church and state does not mean that we should disconnect faith from politics. He became a celebrity by pushing a false gospel. Christians should be even bolder in defending God’s truth.

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