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Student gets zero for marriage essay, but his scathing honesty finds fans on the internet


Young students and their unflinching honesty can often unknowingly produce some of the funniest content. An example of this is seen recently as an image of an alleged exam sheet goes viral because it’s funny to take marriage.

The social science answer sheet, which belongs to a student named “Muruka A Pamtalent”, was marked zero out of ten when the student answered the question “What is marriage?”.

Instead of giving a standard answer from a textbook and using formal language, it seems the student used his own understanding of marriage. As a result, the answer is relatable and appeals to netizens.

According to the student, “Marriage happens when a girl’s parents tell her, ‘You are a great woman now. We can no longer feed you. You better go find a man who will start feeding you. And, the girl meets a man whose parents are yelling at her to get married. Please, you are now a great man. Both test each other and become happy. Then they will decide to live together and start doing stupid things to have children.

A tweet sharing a image of this answer sheet garnered over 15,000 likes.

Complimenting the student for his pointed observation, one Twitter user wrote, “Zero? Seriously! The child deserves at least 5 points for writing the truth in most cases in India.

People also blamed the teacher for not appreciating originality and scolding the student giving him a zero. Echoing this view, one Twitter user wrote, “If we judge from the student’s innocent point of view, he or she is 80℅ right. He or she deserves 8 points. But the examiner did not judge.

Many netizens questioned the authenticity of the answer sheet. Arguing that the answer sheet might be wrong, one Twitter user wrote: “Probably wrong. A child of class 3 who writes like that? All of those so-called witty answer sheets are now fake. What teacher would write “See me”? “.

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