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Suzhal- The Vortex is a great example of language independent content

With the premiere of Suzhal – The Vortex only days away, the anticipation is growing with each passing day. With a world premiere in over 30 Indian and foreign languages, Suzhal – The Vortex is poised to cross borders like never before – tapping into new audiences, simply reinforcing that brilliant stories are truly language independent.

Recently, magnum opus productions like Baahubali, Family Man, RRR, Pushpa and Jai Bhim have reached new audiences who were barely consuming local content. Over time, good content has become language independent – an example of this is mega hits like Baahubali and Pushpa, and Jai Bhim – a local story set in a small village in South India, which actually traveled to the Oscars.

In recent years, the horizon of cinema has widened and moviegoers have been drawing on content from different territories. Indian stories have marked boundaries. This is one of the reasons why Suzhal – The Vortex is one of the most exciting releases in 2022. It seems that after the movies, the regional industry is also ready to conquer the streaming space with this tamil long original series from amazon. First video.

Suzhal- The Vortex is one of the highly anticipated web series in India today which will premiere on June 17 only on Prime Video.

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