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Syracuse Poster Project enters third decade with appeal for poetry and art

Syracuse, NY – The Syracuse Poster Project enters its third decade with an expanded appeal to poetry and art. The group now solicits poetry on a new theme – “Seven Syracuse Spirits” – and welcomes broader forms of poetry.

The nonprofit project, founded in 2001, brings together poets and artists to create an annual series of illustrated poetry posters for Syracuse.

This year’s call for poetry runs until September 30. Writers are encouraged to participate in a “Spirits of Syracuse” series, inviting them to submit poems on or with the voice of this theme. For example: “Neighborhood spirit of harmony”.

The group’s appeal for poetry was once limited to traditional haiku. To attract more participants, the call now welcomes haikus and other short three- and four-line poems.

The Project will continue its tradition of supporting the craftsmanship of local poets and artists and providing art and literature to the public. This year, Project panelists will select seven pairs of poems and illustrations. The artists of the selected posters will receive $ 500 for first place, $ 300 for second place and $ 100 for third place. All pending poster artists, as well as poster poets, will receive two poster prints and complimentary merchandise.

Click here to submit your work or for more information. You can also contact Jim Emmons, project coordinator, at (315) 937-7123. Artists interested in illustrating a poster should send their contact details by email to [email protected]

The deadline for poems is September 30. The deadline for completed posters is November 22. The pairs of selected artists and poets are announced in December and the posters are unveiled in April.

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