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Teacher’s assault sets dangerous example for children — Dujon

The COVID pandemic has left a negative impact on the lives of many students.

The anxiety and uncertainty of the virus has left many students feeling a sense of loss and emptiness; especially when physical learning was prohibited.

However, with the recent return of physical learning, students and teachers are finding a sense of normalcy and relief.

Yet violence continues to plague the school environment.

Children’s lawyer Felicia Dujon has responded to an incident in which a parent assaulted a teacher in front of students at the Augier mixed school on Thursday April 7.

“It is deeply disturbing that such violence is perpetrated by parents on school grounds. Parents must remember their role and responsibility to provide support to their children and teachers. Parents are the essential foundations of their children’s school learning.

“It is for this reason that we as a society should discourage any anti-social or violent attitude and behavior towards teachers and school employees.”

Dujon adds: “For a parent to believe that entering the school grounds and physically hurting a teacher is the best way to solve problems is to send a dangerous message to their child and to the whole community. school population.

“Our young people learn and demonstrate the exact behaviors that are displayed by their parents, family and community members. Their behaviors are not alien or what they see on their phones or televisions, they are a living testimony to our behaviors, attitudes and beliefs of how we should resolve conflicts and disagreements.”

Dujon lamented that if you tell a child it’s okay to physically hurt the teachers, it won’t be long before he starts hurting the parents as well. She said our society should maintain an intolerance of all forms of violence in homes, schools and communities.

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