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Teens share poetry as end-of-year reflection | Community

Teens: As the holiday season and the upcoming New Year 2022 approaches, one noticeable thing often happens around this time of year. Teens often reflect on their life and experiences and look for ways to express it. As a result, we often receive poetry at this time of year and aim to print a few so that a wider audience of readers can enjoy it.

If you have or know a teenage poet in your circle of family or friends, encourage that teenager to send their best efforts to our column. Some of the most interesting, sincere or educational will be published in the next columns!

Here is an example that touches on a very important topic:

DR. WALLACE: I am 16 years old and have been reading your column for over three years. Many times I have read that teenagers are influenced by friends to do things that are not good just because “everyone else is doing it”. As I love to write poetry, I wrote a poem called “Friends”. Hope you think it is worthy enough to read in your column. If so, please sign me. – Budding poet, by e-mail

Are they really my friends?

“Friends” drink with us. They also buy us drinks to celebrate birthdays, weddings, graduation ceremonies, etc. They also buy us drinks to drown out our sorrows.

“Pals” laughed with us when we were drunk. They love it when we come off and act silly in front of them. They also laugh at us sometimes, not with us.

The “buddies” ride with us when we are drunk and we let ride with them. They trust our judgment to assess our own condition.

The same friends and buddies visit us in the hospital if our drinking leads to an accident, but if we are “not having fun anymore” they will find new companions.

If we die of our wounds, they will attend our funeral and sob in shocked disbelief. Then they will toast our life and have a few to ease the pain of our death, but they will be alive and life goes on.

Are they really my friends?

YOUNG POET: Your poem is indeed dignified and very poignant, too. Your message on the subject of peer pressure is crisp and clear. Thank you very much for sharing it with our teenage readers.

Dr. Robert Wallace welcomes questions from readers. Although he will not be able to answer each of them individually, he will answer as many as possible in this column. Email him at [email protected] To learn more about Dr. Robert Wallace, visit www.creators.com.

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