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Tennessee Vols inspires fans to write moving poetry


Christmas is just a few days away. Do you know what it means.

Families from all over the world will gather around the fireplace and recite poems they have written.

I’m joking.

However, there would be worse ways to spend your Christmas than reading the poems composed by my literary contributors.

I was overcome with emotion when I read their poems. I laughed. I cried. And I sat in wonder as they weaved words into my very soul.

Am I exaggerating? May be. But I’d rather err on the side of hyperbole than bypass one of my contributors.

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This is not the first time that poetry has its place in my column. During my first year at the News Sentinel – in 1987 – a Brushy Mountain prisoner sent me poems, some of which appeared in our Sports Mailbag.

One day I received a letter asking me to send him a picture of myself. He said it was for his sister.

This was the end of our literary exchanges.

I don’t know if any of my current poets drew inspiration from prison. However, all of them have expressed their views on Tennessee sports deeply. Here are some examples :

Glenn writes:

Flights hired a trainer named Pruitt

Who had his chance, but missed it

To the applause of the fans

He was fired for cause

In defense, he said,

“I hired a lawyer to refute it”

Robert writes:

Now that we’ve hired a trainer who can do it

So glad we got rid of old Jeremy Pruitt

This quick attack will do the trick

And the high scores are really smooth

Running for the first downs and TD passes

The future is so bright that we need sunglasses

The new excitement makes me tremble

And JP will be known as Donnie Tyndall of football

Slim writes:

Here is an old trainer who said do it,

His assistants obeyed and went there.

After cheating for days,

They got caught in their tracks.

All guided by Jeremy Pruitt!

Rick writes:

The fat has left the pan

When Butch left the scene

The recruits had to take a shower

And I know it’s a little mean

He couldn’t coach football

These words he chose to write

They might not be football champions

But they are champions of men

I’m thankful they fired him

With the previous three

But the one he replaced

It wasn’t better, can’t you see

So now we have Josh Heupel

The offense is his job

She is one of the best hires

I am grateful UT did.

Terry writes:

Once upon a time there was a guy here named Pruitt

When it came to the rules he said “screw it up”,

His boss, name Phil

They never missed a meal,

“You are both fired”, no need to see him again !!

Mike writes:

Once upon a time there was a guy named White

Who thought he was brilliant enough.

It is therefore the work at UTAD that he has put in view.

What he received for his greatest pleasure.

He hopes his football will hire the

a negative fan base will excite

If not, then for work, he will not be quite right?

And will follow all the other AD taking its flight

Cashing all those starting checks, Donde will write!

John writes (an ode to Lane Kiffin)

Lying cheerfully,

This knight’s carriage,

In the sun and in the shade,

Had traveled far,

Looking for his star,

In search of fame and fortune.

But he grew weary …

That smirking trainer—

And on his phone

An offer has appeared

The one he worshiped

It looked like fame and fortune.

And, as he tried

This trainer he cried

He asked the distant AD

“AD”, he said,

“Where can he be—

This place of fame and fortune? “

“Beyond the mountains

From the moon,

In the Valley of the Sun,

Ride Lane, Ride, To find your

Coaches dream.

Darryl writes:

UT can be soft.

But the success is not here now,

Good or bad according to the rhythm of the writer,

I believe that success is possible with the know-how of coaches!

If Heupel has the steel to succeed,

awaits UT fans!

John Adams is a senior columnist. He can be reached at 865-342-6284 or [email protected] Follow him on: twitter.com/johnadamskns.

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