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Terry Fontenot discusses the example Cordarrelle Patterson set for the Falcons

For many free agency signings, it’s the combination of the right time and the right place that makes a signing work best. But the Falcons think the CP effect is one that can be replicated.

“It says a lot about him and the success he’s had,” Fontenot said of Patterson. “…It says a lot about our coaching staff too, that they were able to find what he does well. Then he had the most productive season of his career as an attacking player.”

The Falcons want free agents in the open market to look at Patterson’s example. This is the one that, according to Fontenot, depicts two things about the organization:

1) “It shows we were able to find value” and 2) “It really shows the league that it’s an attractive place.”

The latter was a talking point Fontenot lightly sprinkled on as he discussed Patterson and the Falcons’ approach to free agency, even surrounded by the glitz and glamor of the NFL Combine. Looking back, Fontenot has subtly put forward a sales pitch. He presented his organization as a place where veteran mid-level free agents would find rejuvenation during their twilight years in the league.

“You look at our coaching staff and you look at what they are able to do with the players. You look at Atlanta and live in Atlanta, whether you’re young and single, whether you’re married or have a big family. It’s a good place to live,” Fontenot said.

And you know who illustrates this? Patterson. Expects the Falcons to try to find veteran free agents they can reinvent in 2022 like they did with Patterson in 2021. They hope lightning can strike twice with a search for free agency value .

“I think CP is an example of what we need to do,” Fontenot said, “especially with the constraints we have here this year.”

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