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The 7 Best Event Log Management Tools for Windows

Windows event logs help you understand all the processes taking place on your PC. Ideally, you should analyze these logs using Event Viewer. But what do you do if Windows Event Viewer fails? Also, what if Event Viewer doesn’t provide all the functionality you’re looking for?

Fortunately, there are plenty of third-party log management tools you can use instead of Windows’ own offerings. So, in this article, we will explore the best log management tools for Windows.


This amazing Windows log management tool comes with an attractive and customizable dashboard.

Here’s the best part: ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer compares old and new log data to detect signs of cyberattacks. So it is a reliable tool to use if you want to make your device more secure.

The tool allows you to easily search and filter your results. It also allows you to easily compile, edit, customize and save log reports.

So if you want an easy-to-use log management tool, try ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer!

To download: ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer for Windows (30-day free trial, subscription available)

SolarWinds Log Analyzer is a reliable tool that helps you analyze event logs in real time. The software has an intuitive interface and is quite easy to use.

The tool’s search and filter features allow you to easily navigate log data. So if your device contains thousands of logs, SolarWinds Log Analyzer makes it easy to find just what you’re looking for.

SolarWinds Log Analyzer also uses tags to help you better understand your log data. The log management tool uses four tags: warning, alert, error, emergency, and debug.

The Attention and alert tags are shown on logs that may have issues in the future. During this time, the Mistake and emergency tags are displayed on problematic logs requiring troubleshooting. Finally, the debug The tag is displayed on logs that need to be processed immediately.

SolarWinds Log Analyzer notifies you when a critical issue requires your attention. In most cases, you will receive an alert while running the tool. However, you can also configure some settings so that the tool can send you email alerts.

To download: SolarWinds Log Analyzer for Windows (30-day free trial, subscription available)

This awesome tool detects anomalies in Windows event logs and alerts you instantly. It has a data analysis feature that allows you to easily sort and filter logs.

You can choose to filter your logs based on keywords, log IDs, Where Source (the computer that saved the event log).

The tool also helps you manage forwarded log events. So someone can send log data to you remotely and you can use this tool to analyze that data.

You don’t always have to be on the tool to receive alerts. Instead, you can configure settings so that Site24x7 Log Management sends you critical alerts via SMS or email.

To download: Site24x7 Log Management for Windows (30-day free trial, subscription available)

This free tool makes event log management easy. The best part is that it lets you analyze event logs from multiple computers simultaneously. It is therefore a reliable tool that you can use even if you run a business.

To use it for multiple devices, you just need to enter the names of the target computers. From there, you need to configure the settings for each device, one at a time.

Finally, you can configure a few settings so that the tool can send you alerts. Depending on how you configure these settings, you will receive alerts for one, two or more network devices.

To download: Netwrix Event Log Manager for Windows (Free)

Here is another log management solution that helps you analyze Windows event logs easily and quickly. This powerful tool collects over half a million log messages per second from thousands of log sources.

Like most log management tools, Syslog-ng sends you alerts about logs that need your attention. It also lets you encrypt your data so that only you can access and analyze your PC’s log events.

The tool’s filtering feature helps you easily navigate through the tons of log events stored on your device.

Syslog-ng also allows you to forward log data to other devices. This feature can be useful if you want to view and analyze your log data on another PC.

To download: Syslog-ng for Windows (Free)

Looking for a log management tool with advanced security features? If so, then the Sumo Logic Log Management tool is for you! This tool provides log information that can help you stop violations and any Indicators of Compromise (IOC).

Once it detects a threat, it sends you detailed log information via email.

The tool also helps you view log dashboards so you can observe log event error patterns. These dashboards can also be very useful if you want to present your results to an audience.

To download: Sumo Logic Log Management Solution for Windows (30-day free trial, subscription available)

The Datadog Log Management tool helps you analyze event logs from multiple devices in one place. Whether you want to troubleshoot PC issues, optimize performance, or investigate security threats, the tool is here for you.

You can view a summary of your log data on the tool’s interactive dashboard.

Managing log data across multiple devices can be a bit risky. However, this tool comes with some great security features. For example, it has a feature that allows you to restrict access to some of your log data.

To download: Datadog Log Management for Windows (30-day free trial, subscription available)

Do you need a tool that will provide you with valuable information about your PC’s event logs? Try the built-in Windows Event Viewer! But if you’re looking for something advanced, try one of the tools we’ve recommended.

Most of the log management tools on our list are pretty easy to use. So you should be able to install them and start scanning Windows logs in just a few minutes.

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