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The Chelsea example Cristiano Ronaldo skeptics should remember after Manchester United return – Scott Clayton

By on August 27, 2021 0

Last summer, at the age of 35, Thiago Silva joined Chelsea on a free transfer from Paris Saint Germain.

The Brazilian center-back has been called too old. Others thought he wouldn’t being able to handle the pace of the Premier League.

Silva started slowly in her debut at the club; there was a banana peel moment against West Bromwich Albion in his debut. But over time, the defender has displayed his quality.

Now it’s easy to see why Silva has been considered one of the best in his job for years – that is, if you didn’t pay attention to other leagues outside of the Premier League. .

He is a relentless professional who has dedicated himself to his career. It’s easy to see why he’s been at the top for countless seasons.

Silva has done a lot of great things during his brief career at Chelsea. He helped the Blues win a second Champions League after disappointing back-to-back defeats in the FA Cup final.

I always thought that as a fan, the club needed this first cup victory to give confidence and conviction to the team; they have now shown it by doing the work in Belfast during the Super Cup earlier this month.

The experience that Silva radiated in big games has rubbed off on the team. Players like Andreas Christensen and Antonio Rudiger have shifted gears over the past six months and I think Silva played a role in that.

One thing you get when you talk about Cristiano Ronaldo is the focus on himself to be the best he can be. His hard work and dedication are the reasons he is still considered one of the best at the age of 36.

The fear he will put in a Premier League side ahead of kick-off against him will be evident from day one.

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Ronaldo will give Man United that striker they missed, just like Chelsea until they sign Romelu Lukaku. You can be sure Ronaldo will score goals no matter who he plays for. That’s what Ronaldo focused his game on. Being deadly and the match winner, rather than the show pony we saw early in his Manchester United career.

Anyone who dismisses Ronaldo because of his age will have a rude wake-up call to me and will be of huge help to Manchester United.

This deal will make our Champions League group rivals Juventus a weaker opponent when we face them.

Tell me where do you think Manchester United will end up in the Premier League this season now that you’ve signed Cristiano Ronaldo? Follow our new Chelsea Fan Brand Editor Scott on Twitter to join the discussion and give us your feedback in the comments section below.

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