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The consistent leadership of Rams right tackle Rob Havenstein

Long after the Rams’ training camp practice ended Aug. 15 at their facility, Havenstein is on the field with several Rams offensive linemen, including rookies AJ Arcuri and Logan Bruss.

These post-practice workshops, which Havenstein calls “online therapy sessions,” are a way for the group to problem-solve together. Have you ever been in class and a lesson is taught a certain way over and over again, but then a friend explains it to you differently and suddenly it clicks? That’s what’s happening here.

In this case, Havenstein lends his experience and expertise to work Arcuri and Bruss through the run-blocking technique in the Rams offense.

Havenstein would ask older players to do the same for him when he was younger, telling him what to do when he had questions and didn’t understand what was going on, or pushing him aside when he was struggling and helping him. to improve.

“I feel like I know at least a little what I’m talking about now,” Havenstein said with a smile. “So if I see a young man making the same mistakes I’ve made or seen before, it’s just easier to move on and fix it. Maybe that’s show them how it’s done, but it’s more about talking about it and how I understand certain things and certain body positions for offensive linemen, in particular.”

This process also includes Havenstein’s introspection.

During their time playing together, Whitworth has seen Havenstein’s “steady maturity” to determine the next step he can take to elevate his game.

“I think some guys get to a point where they’re playing, and it’s like, ‘I just go out there and try to just chase playing time,'” Whitworth told theRams. com. “And then there are guys who come out, experience it, have a level of success and say, ‘I want to maintain this for a long time. How can I do this? And I think that’s something that Rob has done a great job of continuing to (go), ‘Hey, what’s a little nugget that I can find and add to my game to help me to succeed ?'”

These qualities are what have made, and will continue to make, people follow Havenstein’s example.

“When you come from a place where there’s a ton of pride, and a ton of desire and passion to be really good at what you do, it’s going to exude in others,” Whitworth said. “When you start from there, people are going to listen to it, immediately understand where it’s coming from, because they see the work, they see the passion, the desire to be really good.”

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